When to Get A Child Brain Injury Lawyer

Are you wondering if it is time to get a child brain injury lawyer because of brain damage to your unborn baby due to the prescription Zoloft or other antidepressants?  You are not alone, child brain injury, heart defect, deformed  abdomen and limb cases are on the rise because of the devastating effects they have on a child that would otherwise be healthy, the devastated parents and the family. If you think that your child's birth defect is due to your being prescribed Zoloft during your pregnancy, it is time to call a lawyer.

A Little About Zoloft and Sertraline

Zoloft is mainly used for psychological disorders such as depression and obsessive-compulsive conditions that make day to day lives of those affected by it, unmanageable.  The active ingredient in Zoloft is Sertraline.  This ingredient is what the studies have linked to brain injury, heart defect and a host of so many other birth defects in babies. As a drug, Zoloft is said to be safe for pregnant women to take, however, time would begin to question that assumption.  So much research is being done that links Zoloft to irreparable damage and birth defects in newborns because the mother was prescribed this drug for depression while she was pregnant.

Zoloft is seems to be the main culprit and the center of a great number of the birth defect lawsuits, but there are other drugs on the market that were prescribed to women while they were pregnant that has cause damage to your child.  Sometimes you may be suffering alone, thinking it was your fault or something that you did that caused your baby's defect.  For a parent, especially the mother that type of guilt can throw you deeper into depression.  It is important that you speak to someone to find out what really happened and see if your baby's birth defect was caused by prescription drugs that you were told was safe to take during pregnancy. Most often, the doctor was just repeating what the drug manufacturer told them.  For something as delicate as pregnancy, mothers need to be warned that taking certain drugs could cause death or injury to their unborn child.


Is Zoloft of Another Antidepressant Responsible For My Child's Brain Injury?

Pregnancy can make treating depression more difficult because of the wide range of emotions a woman experiences during this time.  However, many doctors recommend Zoloft as a "safe" choice during pregnancy.  If you were prescribed Zoloft or another antidepressant during pregnancy and your child has a birth defect, then contact a lawyer.  You should contact an attorney that will give you a free consultation.  After preliminary questioning, the attorney will advise you on how to proceed.  Your attorney can help you find out if Zoloft was the cause of your child's birth defect. In many cases, especially with a free consultation, it costs you nothing to find out whether or not you can get legal help for what has happened to your baby. 


What Other Types Of Birth Injury Or Birth Defects Can Zoloft Cause

The FDA issued a public warning against Zoloft in 2006, warning of potential harm to pregnant women who used the drug. According to the Food and Drug Administration, FDA:

"A recently published case-control study has shown that infants born to mothers who took selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) after the 20th week of pregnancy were 6 times more likely to have persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN) than infants born to mothers who did not take antidepressants during pregnancy (see SSRI drug names at the bottom of this sheet). The background risk of a woman giving birth to an infant affected by PPHN in the general population is estimated to be about 1 to 2 infants per 1000 live births. Neonatal PPHN is associated with significant morbidity and mortality. The FDA is updating the prescribing information for all SSRIs with this new information. The FDA is also accruing data from additional sources pertaining to the potential association between SSRIs and neonatal PPHN. The FDA will provide additional information when it becomes available. In the interim, the FDA recommends that physicians carefully consider and discuss with patients the potential risks and benefits of SSRI treatment throughout pregnancy, including late pregnancy."

This announcement has prompted women who has taken Zoloft or drugs with Sertraline during their pregnancies to seek legal help.  The lawsuits against Pfizer, Inc., the manufacturer of the drug Zoloft, claim that they had the responsibility to warn the physicians about the potential side effects the drugs could have on the patient or the child she was carrying.  Lawyers say that since the manufacture did not warn the doctors so the doctors can warn the patients then they are supposed to be held accountable for your pain and suffering, not to mention the hefty medical bills you will have to incur taking care of your injured child.  This is gross negligence.

Other effects of taking Zoloft could be:

  • Holes in the heart's interior wall or septal heart defects
  • Blocked or missing anus  also called anal atresia
  • Cleft PalateTopamax and Pregnancy Severe Birth Defects in Newborns Linked to Topamax and Zoloft UseCredit: http://www.baby-safety-concerns.com/topamax-and-pregnancy.html
  • Missing or deformed limbs (arms, legs, fingers, toes, etc)
  • AutismAbdominal Viscera in Baby Deformed By Mother's Zoloft UseCredit: http://www.nlm.nih.gov
  • Deformed abdomen or intestine (abdominal viscera) where the intestines come through the belly button or where the umbilical cord would be
  • ClubfootMothers Taking Zoloft Linked To Clubfoot BabiesCredit: http://www.clubfootinstitute.com/clubfoot-treatment-for-babies-born-with-clubfoot/
  • Premature birthThe Effect of SSRIs on New BornCredit: http://angelenamays.wordpress.com/
  • Death

When you are looking for a law firm to represent you, make sure you choose one that has experience dealing with large drug manufacturing firms like Pfizer.  Their attorneys will be working very hard on their side, so you need someone who knows how to fight them.  A good birth injury attorney will help you get payment to help with your medical bills, and compensation for the future cost of taking care of a child with a birth defect due to someone else's negligence.  Research several attorneys and get free consultations until you find someone who will fight for you. This is one decision that you do not want to rush.  Getting compensation for this wrong that was done to you and your family can get you the financial help that you are definitely going to need.




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