As someone who is rarely wowed by casual games, I have to admit I was impressed by Zombie Bowl-O-Rama. To say that this game is fun is really an understatement.

If you like bowling games, but sometimes find them a bit boring, you need to try this. The game starts off with a cool intro movie that is made to look like an old timey movie reel. It sets up the game scenario.

You basically are a bowler that is bowling in your favorite alley when it is invaded by killer undead zombies. You proceed to bowl them out of your lanes! Your job is to run the undead zombies out and take back your bowling alley. This is harder than it sounds. You get to compete with other bowlers as you mow down the well-animated zombies.

The game has many different levels, and has unlockable mini games, trophies and achievements. You can sabotage your opponent with cool traps and lane modifications. One of these turns your opponents ball into a head of cabbage that actually falls apart as you roll it, and does little damage to the undead zombies. Another sabotage element in Zombie Bowl-o-Rama is putting water puddles or honey in your opponents' lanes so that they lose control of their ball. You can also acquire many different powerups that enhance your bowling ball, turning it into a fireball or even an exploding brain ball.

While this game may sound bloody, it really is not. It is absent of any blood or gore, but still tremendously entertaining. It is suitable for all ages. Don't mistake this one for a kid's game. It is family friendly, and even the older family members will not be bored.

The zombies were very well animated and did lots of unpredictable things. They even dance to disco music at some point in the bowling match. Whether you are playing against a human player or the computer you will have some laughs at the unpredictable twists and turns in Zombie Bowl-O-Rama.

When installing this game on my Windows Vista machine I had no glitches or problems whatsoever. Because of the funny animation and cool power ups, this game has great replay value, and I have to say I had a lot of fun with it. A word of warning: if you play this at work, you probably won't get any work done. Maybe you should only install it on your home system!

Aombie Bowl O Rama