There are a ton of things to dress up as for Halloween; however, zombie costume ideas for women seem to be growing in popularity! Nobody would even think of dressing up as a zombie a few years ago; however, zombies are being seen in more and more games/movies, so they are becoming more acceptable as Halloween costumes!

To be put simply, these gory creatures are making their way into the Halloween costume industry.

There are a few ways to execute the best zombie Halloween costume; I will be going over 4 of those ways in this article. There will be an option for you, whether you want to create your own homemade zombie costume or simply buy one from your local Halloween store!

Dress Up As A Zombie School Girl

Choosing to dress up as a zombie school girl definitely hasZombie School Girl CostumeCredit: its benefits. Not only will you attract a lot of attention, but you also probably already have your old school clothes hanging in your closet.

There are a ton of these zombie costumes on Amazon to choose from, but you can also make your own do-it-yourself version!

-Look through your closet and find your old set of school clothes. You can choose to wear a kilt or dress pants, but a white dress shirt is pretty much necessary for creating a zombie school girl costume!

-Head to your local Halloween store and buy some face makeup. There are specific zombie makeup kits that you can buy; these kits include the necessary colours and shades to make you look like a zombie.

-Use the face makeup to add some green, grey, and black colors to your face. You can be creative, but zombies usually have black circles around their eyes.

-One of the best zombie costume ideas is tearing up your school girl clothes. Many women don’t want to do this because they are either still in school or want to keep their school uniform intact. However, tearing some holes in your white dress shirt will reveal some skin, and make you look like a real zombie!

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Wear A Zombie Bride Costume For Halloween

There are about 100 different zombie costume ideas for women to execute on Halloween night; however, this one seems to be the least popular. The weird thing is that this costume attracts a ton of attention!Zombie Bride Halloween CostumeCredit:

Everyone seems to want a Halloween costume that attracts attention, so I couldn’t figure out why the zombie bride costume was so unpopular. But then I thought about what was involved in actually women executing this zombie costume idea and realized that the wedding dress is what throws it off!

Who has a wedding dress lying around that they want to use for a zombie bride Halloween costume?

Divorced women!

If you are a divorced woman, and want to use your wedding dress as part of a Halloween costume, you should definitely consider executing this costume idea! Take some zombie-colored face makeup and use it to paint your face to look like an undead person! Once you have done that, you simply have to put on your wedding dress and watch the crowds of people take pictures of your amazing zombie costume!

Create A Do-It-Yourself Zombie Costume With Torn Up Clothes

This is a really inexpensive and cool option! Simply take any clothes that you no lonWomen's Gray Zombie CostumeCredit: Amazon.comger need and tear parts of them up! Don’t totally ruin the clothes, but make sure that the tears are noticeable! Once you have done that, you can simply use face makeup to paint your face like a zombie.

You can really make this Halloween costume effective by creating a zombie scene using the clothes that you are wearing.

Basically, wearing golf clothes will make it look like you are a zombie on a golf course. Wearing a school uniform will make it look like you are a zombie that is coming home from school!

You can really experiment with these do-it-yourself zombie costume ideas because you can be as creative as you would like to be!

Become A Sexy Zombie For Halloween

Sexy zombie costume ideas are very scarce, but can be easily executed! The idea Sexy Women's Zombie Nurse CostumeCredit: Amazon.comhere is to take a regular zombie costume and make it more revealing. Imagine that you are wearing a school girl zombie costume for Halloween. You can tear the clothes up, and undo the top buttons on the shirt to make it one of the sexiest Halloween costumes at any party! Basically, take any costume that you have and make it more revealing...that’s the idea behind it!

At the end of the day, there are plenty of Halloween costumes that you can pull off; it is simply a matter of finding the one that suits your taste and style! Use any of these zombie costume ideas for women, and you will surely attract a lot of undead attention!

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