If you are sick of the normal and annoying family car stickers that everyone has now and want something funny instead, you should consider getting funny family car stickers, like a Zombie family. These car stickers are really funny because they are the exact opposite of the normal car decals that we are so used to seeing by now - the stickers with the mother, father and kids that you see on the back of every car!

I Hate Stupid Stick Figure Family Stickers!

ChainSaw Decal Nobody cares about YOUR STICK FIGURE FAMILY Funny Vinyl Sticker 8"x5"
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(price as of Jun 27, 2015)
This is one hilarious set of stickers you can buy to make fun of the normal, annoying car stickers!

When Did the Family Car Stickers Come Out?

I honestly can't find out exactly how family car sticker decals originating, but I have found out that they became very popular around 2010. There is no exact reason for this, I guess people just thought it was cool and it caught on fast.

Family Car Decals are Annoying

I think these car stickers are so annoying just because everybody has them and they have become so popular. They are vinyl stickers that are easy to place on the back of any minivan, and they are cheap to buy.

Plus people must think they look cute. Yet while driving I see them, and I just think to myself, why do I care how many kids and dogs you have in your family? And it makes them seem like they are the perfect happy family...

Be a Rebel and Get Funny Zombie Family Car Decals

 If you've absolutely had enough of the popular family car stickers, then these are for you. You can make passerby's laugh when they see your new zombie family car decals. It's kind of a new way to say "to hell with your normal family!"

Let's face it, we are all a little crazy. Plus, don't you want to be different and not like every other person who has these family car stickers already? That's why I think these zombie family stickers are the way to go.

I hope you liked this article on funny zombie family car stickers and will consider being different!

Funny Zombie Stickers