The zone diet plan is based off the research and recommendations made by Dr. Barry Sears in his best-selling book "Enter the Zone", which was first published in 1995. In the book, Dr. Sears challenged many dieticians recommendations that high carbohydrate diets are worth pursuing. Instead, Dr. Sears espoused a diet comprised of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fat. This diet plan is based in eating the right foods at the right time to keep your body "in the zone." If followed properly, hormones such as insulin will be maintained for solid health.

The Zone in Depth

According to the zone diet plan, it's more important to focus on what you're eating rather than how much you're eating. This approach seems to be the antithesis of most other diet plans, which seek to improve health by simply eating less. However if you're eating less junk food, the core problem remains – namely, you're still eating junk food. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a set of scales and measuring devices to follow this dieting program. A good dose of common sense and portion scaling goes a long way.

Enter the Zone (34568)The zone diet plan operates on principles that are both simple and easy to implement. For instance, you can take a regular plate and divide it into thirds. Picture one third of the plate in covered with low-fat proteins such as chicken, lean beef or fish without being thicker than your hand. Picture the remaining two thirds of the plate filled with fruit and vegetables and you have just created a meal in sync with the zone diet plan.

One of the pillars of the zone diet focuses on regulating your insulin levels. According to Dr. Sears, massively fluctuating insulin levels have led to rampant obesity rates. By following the zone diet, he claims that insulin will be kept at a kind of Goldilocks level where it's neither too high or too low. Once your insulin has reached a balance, hunger levels won't be all over the place. This, in turn, allows you to efficiently space out your meals without a sense of deprivation or sacrifice.

Dr. Sears also claims that following the zone diet plan will increase your mental clarity as well. Naturally, healthy weight loss will brighten your mood and increase your well-being. Perhaps more importantly, the healthy levels of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your system will promote weight loss that stays off in the long run. Many diet plans and supplements may show results right off the bat but usually don't fare well against the test of time. Balance and moderation should not be overlooked when dieting and if you think it's going to happen overnight, you're kidding yourself. However, with determination and patience you can definitely see results with the zone diet plan. Happy trails.