The Zone Diet at Home plan is a weight-loss program and dieting strategy in which participants consume certain meals throughout the course of the diet. The philosophy of this diet is in sync with Dr. Barry Sears' "Enter the Zone" diet plan -- which came onto the scene in 1995 with Dr. Sears' recommendation that dieters should follow an overall consumption pattern of 40% carbohydrates, 30% fats and 30% proteins on a daily basis. The zone diet home program also follows this line of thought.

What is Zone Diet at Home?

According to the diet plan, participants will eat only the prepackaged meals and other items offered by the program. The zone diet at home plan works by having the prepackaged meals delivered to your house. The meals and snacks also come with a detailed guide directing participants exactly what to eat at different times of the day. Portion sizes are also regulated through this diet plan as well. The program offers three separate diet plans that participants can take advantage of.Exercise (34565)

Frozone is the first of the three zone diet at home options. Frozone is comprised of one month's worth of frozen meals and snacks that users will need to microwave before consuming. Optimum results is the name of the second plan. This option includes a "gourmet" selection which are supposedly made with only high quality ingredients. The third option is called zone lifestyles and it allows the customer to select the dieting products to suit their personal tastes.

Name Switch

Recently, the zone diet at home plan took on a new name. It is now known as ChefsDiet. The program claims to promote weight loss, reduced carbohydrate cravings, lean body mass, low blood sugar, increased energy and mental clarity. This program has also received an array of celebrity endorsements from figures such as Kevin Costner, Rachel Hunter and Jason Giambi. According to their website, the average user can expect to lose roughly 8 pounds a month by following the program. The most affordable program option starts at approximately $19.99.

In the end, the zone diet home may be an option for you if you're looking to follow Dr. Sears' methods and avoid having to prepare the meals yourself. However, starting your own dieting plan and exercise program can create noticable results for free. Simply getting some exercise each day and trying to develop improved eating habits can make a world of difference. While certain programs and supplements may aid the process, focusing on getting the ball rolling by yourself is the best way to create results in the long run. Try setting a daily goal for yourself like walking several miles or eating a couple of servings of vegetables each day. You'd be surprised how effective these simple steps can be. Good luck.