Crocodile Zoobie Pet


When you first look at the Zoobie pet you observe that it is plush with a microbead filled face. The My Pillow Pet is all plush. Both have customer reviews tht state how soft each product is.

Both My Pillow Pet and Zoobie Pets are cute. In my perspective it seems that Zoobie Pets have much more animals to chose from and much more unique!

Zoobie Pets were voted to be one of the top holiday gifts for kids in 2007.

Zoobie Pets come in two sizes, regular and jumbo. The Jumbo sized Zoobie Pets are over 50 inches long and has a blanket that is over 90 inches.

My Pillow Pets has two sizes as well 11 inches and 18 inches.


Zoobie Pets do not mention if they are washable. My pillow pets claim to be washable, but customer reviews clarify that washable means surface washing.

Once the blanket is taken out of the Zoobie pet, there will be no more pillow!

My Pillow Pets also need a My Pillow pet pillow and a My Pillow Pets blanket to match what Zoobie pets have to offer.

Full Review

Before we get started you maybe wondering what the heck is a Zoobie Pet? No doubt you have all seen the advertisements on TV for My Pillow Pets. Those are the toys that double as stuffed animal and a pillow. Zoobie Pets and My Pillow pets are very similar but yet different. If you are in the market for a useful stuffed animal for your child read on to see which toy is right for you!

Well a Zoobie pet is a three in one toy. The Zoobie pet is first a stuffed animal. Unlatch the Zoobie Pet and it becomes a pillow. Unzip the Zoobie Pet and take out the blanket inside! The blankets are detachable. The Zoobie pet has a great marketing ply. These animals are brought to you from the Animal Kingdom. They have ear tags and collars on as if they were tagged!

Pillow pets come in two types, The My Pillow Pet Pillow and the My Pillow Pet Blanket. My Pillow pet does not have an animal that does all three.

Both My Pillow Pets and Zoobie Pets are reccomended for children three and over.

In Closing

From reviewing all the comments kids love My Pillow Pets and Zoobie Pets. However it would seem Zoobie Pets are being overlooked at this time because of the over commercialization of My Pillow Pets. M Zoobie Pets acctually own more than one award in 2007.

Both My Pillow pets and Zoobie Pets have a large selection. It seems to me that Zoobie Pets has a a better selection and the stuffed animals are more unique and colorful. It is almost as if they are their own person! I would be more inclined to buy my son a zoobie pet. How about you?