Zoom Expression PedalHow to use the Zoom Expression Pedal:

For those just starting out, zoom expression pedals can help control the cost of equipment that keep new guitarists from experimenting with all of the different effects that are available. Over time, as you gain experience and skill you begin to get an ear for what guitar effects you like and which you don't. Unfortunately, for a new guitarist to use all of the effects you would find on a professionals pedal board, you could spend thousands of dollars, and have so many knobs and dials you would know where to start!

Using the Zoom FP02 expression pedal with the Zoom G2 Effects Pedal:

Luckily there are companies like Zoom that package all of the best effects in to one simple electronic device called a multi effects pedal, or a multi effects board. Zoom multi effects boards not only make it playing guitar easier, but they are also small enough that you can save all of your favorite sounds and travel easily with everything in one place. The newest line of Zoom G2 effects pedals not only include many popular effects, but they also include "amp modeling technology" which makes your guitar sound like it is being played through the expensive amps the pros use.

Zoom guitar effects pedals like the G2 include 54 high quality effects, many which can be controlled by the FP02 expression pedal:

Distortion/Overdrive: Most commonly heard in rock music, distortion and overdrive give that fat crunchy sound to your guitar. They do this by compressing and "clipping" your guitar signal so it sounds distorted. Zoom pedals make it easy to change the level of distortion with a simple knob. The Zoom expression pedal can change the level of "drive" on your guitar on the fly if you assign it to the drive channel allowing you to sweep effortlessly between clean and distorted sounds.

Delay/Reverb: When properly used, delay and reverb can add both sustain and warmth to your sound. Some use it to fatten their solos, while others use it to create echos in the main riff of the song. The FP02 can control both the volume or "mix level" of your delay and reverb on the fly as you open and close the filter with the movement of your foot.

Flanger/Phaser: The Zoom expression pedal can change the "modualtion rate" or how fast your effects like flanger and phaser seem to fluctuate in real time as you play live, simply by moving the pedal up and down.

There are limitless variations you can use your Zoom Expression Pedal to create new and unique sounds from your guitar. With the advancing of digital effects, almost any parameter can be adjusted in real time on stage as you rip through a song.

Zoom G71UTExpression with the Zoom G71UT Guitar Console

Zoom's most recent G71UT guitar console takes it up another notch with 92 high quality effects, 32 bit processing, and an expression pedal built right in to the unit. There is no need for a FP02 because everything you need to control by foot is built right in!