What is Zox: School of Gods?

A magical adventure

Zox: School of Gods CoverCredit: Kyoushi at DeviantartZox: School of Gods is a self-published novel of approximately 100,000 words written by B. E. Cullen. It is the first and only e-book published in a series of eight.

It is a children's novel, but something to which all ages may enjoy as they follow the characters story from beginning to end as the protagonists grow from the age of ten to seventeen.

It's cover consists of six different images used to photomanip a scene from the story.[1]

What is the e-book about?

The Life of Akuro Kikuchi during his time at Zox: School of Gods

Zox: School of Gods is a story between the good within people and the evil within people. Not everything is black and white, but many shades of gray. It is a story about mistakes and about forgiveness. More than anything it is an adventure wherein, Akuro Kikuchi at the age of ten 769 years after Ragnarok shook the world is whisked away to somewhere not on Earth to a school. Not just any school, but one where the students are taught magic and that the impossible is actually possible, if only they believe. And it is believed that one day a god and goddess or more than one of each shall one day emerge during a graduation ceremony.

But not all is as peaceful as it seems, for the one dubbed the Wicked Witch did not die as many assumed at the hands of the Leighs'. For she has surfaced again, but who will stop her this time? And, can she be stopped from getting her hands on the means to forever destroy the world that everyone has come to know?

Although Akuro and his friends are only ten going on eleven, it doesn't stop them from doing what they feel is right even though none of them were ever chosen to save the world. But often, heroes and saviors are not born, they are made. Despite all odds and the animosity between Akuro and one of the four willing to help him keep the Earth safe, will they be able to do so or are they doomed to failure?

With a world heavily based on Norse mythologies with a touch of other cultures mythological gods and goddesses there's sure to be a surprise at every corner. After all, who could possibly be the Wicked Witch? Did Akuro's father and brother really die? What is Akuro's mother hiding? Just what characters does the author ship? Why is a tree so important to the plot of the story? These and many other questions may pop into ones head upon reading the story, one which is just perfect to read on the kindle, nook or other e-reader[2] whilst on a plane, boat or in a waiting room.

It may not be a story for everyone, but for those who may have read even the free excerpt, what questions did you ask yourself? Although it may be better to ask ones child what they thought of the free excerpt to see if its something they'd read, perhaps even enjoy. Because around every page, every chapter there's always something to wonder about.