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The Zuari Bridge, which was built in April 1983, is 627 meters long and is built over the scenic Zuari River. It was built by Gamon India Limited and has been a main link for getting to and from two areas of Goa: the capital city of Panaji that is in the north of Goa along with Vasco da Gama and the port in souther Gao known as Mormugao.

It is also the longest bridge for the Konkan Railway and is used quite a lot, and was built when the previous bridge in town collapsed and had to be redone. Now it is the turn of this bridge to need to be replaced.

Zuari Bridge Due to Be Replaced

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It has also been a great place for people on holidays to Goa, India to see, but now it is temporarily closed for repairs. The reason for this is because the Zuari Bridge now has cracks and has been undergoing regular repairs and maintenance in the past. However, recently authorities said that the Zuari Bridge lifespan may only be a few more years without such action being taken to replace it.

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Authorities also said it could take five years for a new Zuari Bridge to be built to replace the old one. The city is currently awaiting approval for the work on the new Zuari Bridge to be allowed to be built. Part of the issue is that they need approval for the new land acquisition for this project, which is entitled the NH-17 expansion project.

Awaiting Approval May Take Time for New Zuari Bridge

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Even so, they have reported that the actual contract to build the new Zuari Bridge has been awarded and the reports and contract have been finished. They are just awaiting the release of the monies and paperwork to complete the job, as so far only monies for maintenance have be allowed to be released.

The plans call for a new state of the art cable style bridge for the new Zuari Bridge. In the meantime, the old Zuari Bridge will be continuously monitored to be sure that it is safe for use at least every three months. However, heavy vehicles are being restricted from using it right now, according to existing reports.

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Government authorities say the delay is based on a priority basis to await the go ahead for the new Zuari Bridge project. They estimated that a new bridge could be completed in about three years and added that the government would try to expedite the whole process so the new bridge won’t be delayed much longer, as they wish to avoid the problems that were caused when the other bridge in Goa collapsed before the Zuari Bridge was first completed.

All in all, you can still see and take pictures of the Zuari Bridge, but you can’t travel over it until they decide to either completely repair or remodel or to replace the bridge. So, if you are on holidays to Goa, India, you will not be able to use this famous and iconic bridge.