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  • Free to play (unless you buy Idols, but you don't have to!)
  • Extremely Fun
  • The Zuma board changes each week for fresh gameplay


  • The game lagged sometimes on the Mac and PC I used to play it using the Firefox web browser.
  • You have to have a Facebook account and be logged in to Facebook to play Zuma Blitz
  • Takes a lot of practice to get very high scores (maybe this is not such a bad thing, but I find myself playing Zuma Blitz trying to get a higher score when I know I should be doing other things!)
  • You have to pay money for more Mojo or rely on a huge amount of friends playing the game (who also share the Mojo each time they level) if you want enough Mojo to be able to use your Powers in each game (if you play frequently)

Full Review

Zuma Blitz is a fun casual Facebook game from Popcap. It's like their other free game on Facebook, Bejeweled Blitz, where your goal is to score as many points as possible in only one minute. However, in Zuma Blitz you have a limited number of lives. Everytime you start a one minute game, it uses up one of those lives. When you lose all your lives, you have to stop playing or use an Idol to fill up your lives. I am not exactly sure what you do that gives you Idols in the game, but when I do get them I like to spend them on other things than lives, such as getting more Mojo (I'll get to Mojo in a minute). If you run out of Idols, you can always buy more (with real money) which I haven't done.

If you've played the other Zuma games like Zuma's Revenge, then playing Zuma Blitz should be a piece of cake for you. You still control the strange frog in the center that spits out colored balls into paths with other balls that are constantly moving. You must match 3 balls of the same color to make them disappear, and not let the balls reach the end of the path where they (and you) will get eaten by the Zuma God. Once you get eaten, your turn is over, even if your minute isn't up yet.

What makes Zuma Blitz so fun is that each time you play a game, you get experience and a little Mojo. Experience helps you level up which has its advantages. When you first start Zuma, you don't have any Powers (such as bombs and canonns). As you level up, you'll unlock 3 power slots that you can put different powers in for each game you play. You also must unlock the powers as you level up.

To use the powers you have to spend Mojo, which you get a little of each time you play a game. I now usually get a little over 200 Mojo in each game. However, my favorite Powers are Bombs (cost: 500 Mojo per game), Cannons (cost: 1000 Mojo per game), and Last Hurrah (cost: 500 Mojo per game.) If I use those 3 powers in one game, it costs 2000 Mojo, so I rarely do that. In the Zuma Blitz Store, you can buy 25,000 Mojo for 3o Idols, which I have done once or twice with the Idols I earned in game. If you want to buy enough Idols, you can pay 7 Facebook credits for 35 idols (you can also buy more Idols at a time which will result in a better deal, such as 1500 Idols for 199 credits). When I went to check how much Facebook credits cost (in the US), I saw that you can buy 50 credits for $1.50, 50 credits for $5.00, and 100 credits for $10. That doesn't sound too bad, but if you play the game often and want to use enough Mojo to fill up all 3 slots with Powers in each game, it could get expensive.

Powers in Zuma Blitz include:

  • Bombs - when you get a match with a ball with a bomb in it, an explosion will take out more than just the ones you matched.
  • Last Hurrah - causes special balls to explode at the end of a game which gives you points
  • Speed Shot - increases the frog's shooting speed by 10%
  • Cannon - if you get a match with a cannon ball, you'll get a triple shot which can take out quite a few balls at once
  • Inferno Frog - if you get hot frog you get an extra shot (so you'd have 4 shots total). I don't use this because I can't get "hot frog" yet which I understand you can get by making matches very quickly.
  • Fruit Master - causes fruit to appear more often (you get points for hitting fruit)
  • Chain Blast - causes a 10x chain explosion
  • Chrono Balls - adds 1 second to time balls. (Time balls are special balls you get in each game and for each time ball you match, you get 5 seconds added to the end of the game)
  • Multiplier - get a 2X multiplier ball at the beginning of the game (this should multiply your points.)

At level 21, I have all the powers listed above up to Inferno Frog. The next power I get will be Fruit Master at level 23, and the last one, Multiplier is available at level 34. I like using Powers because they help me get more points. I am not the greatest Zuma player in the world, so I need all the help I can get.

The highest score I have gotten on Zuma Blitz so far is 240,090, and I don't really remember how I got a score that high because I usually get under 100,000. The balls come out very fast and I am not good at making combos. You get combos when you match 3 balls of one color, then they disappear which causes a match of a different color, and you could get matches of several colors that way for quite a few points. It's just not easy for me to do, especially when they change the Zuma board each week--it doesn't give you forever to learn one board! It's probably good that they keep the game fresh with new boards though.

The social aspect of the game is that you are competing with all of your Facebook friends who also play Zuma Blitz each week for the highest score. If you have the highest score out of all your friends, you get a gold medal. If you come in second, you'll get a silver medal, which leaves a bronze medal for third place. It's just like the Olympics! You can also share some Mojo with your friends when you level up. If you have a lot of friends, you can get Mojo that way if they share each time they level. The problem is that many people don't always share things from games because the post from the game will go out to all of your Facebook friends by default, even the ones that do not play Zuma Blitz.

In Closing

All in all, Zuma Blitz is a great game and I consider it the best game on Facebook at the moment. I'm tired of Farmville, Bejeweled Blitz, Farkle, etc and hadn't played any Facebook games for awhile until I saw that Zuma Blitz was available. I have a feeling it will keep my interest for awhile because of the different boards each week, and the difficulty of getting a very high score. I'll be interested to see if there is a level cap on the game or if you keep leveling up past 34 (when you get your last Power.)