Zumba instructor - Liza Chavez from Texas

Zumba instructor Liza Chavez from Texas, USA.

If you are eyeing to join a Zumba class in the next week or so, the friendly Do's and Dont's reminders may help you a great deal.

Having been a regular Zumba participant for a couple of months now, I have learned to love this fun-tastic dance aerobic rhythm exercise of a lifetime. Indeed, Zumba is a terrific way of shedding some of the extra kilos you are carrying without feeling bored with the routine. With the hands, feet, legs and whole body moving including a bit of shaking of the head, there is no doubt it improves the cardiovascular system. The Latin music that goes with Zumba will surely entice you to move on the floor. And because you are dancing with the rest of the group, there is no pressure if you are doing the steps rightly or wrongly. There is no critic out there that will give you that embarrasing look.... in other words, to each his own.

However I believe that the following pointers can make or break your love of Zumba so do keep them in mind. It is best to remember what works and won't work before you even engage yourself for the Zumba fitness program.

The "Dos" to consider:

  • Do consider having a medical clearance from you doctor before joining. With the intensity of the one hour session, it is good to know if your heart can cope and the blood pressure is within the normal range. It is better to be safe than sorry.
  • It is worth to go for a free try-out or pay as you go system as you would like to suss it out if this is the aerobic program that suits you. It is also a way of assessing how effective and good the Zumba instructor is.
  • Do start with a basic Zumba class before going for the medium or advance.
  • Do come early to the session by at least 15 minutes. In this way, you can do a bit of stretches as part of your warm up.
  • Do select a Zumba class held in a venue where there are no stand up mirrors all around the place. This is a real distraction to a lot of Zumba participants especially if what the instructor is constantly doing is looking at herself/himself at the mirror.
  • Choose a spot where you can easily see what the instructor is doing. It is best to be in the midde section of the group rather than right at the back where your sight can be obstructed by the heads of many.
  • Do wear comfortable exercise clothes - one where you can freely move your arms and legs without getting entangled or feeling suffocated because of the tightness of the clothes.
  • Do wear a light, comfortable, non-slippery sneakers or runners. The dancing shoes you are wearing will help you get through the session.
  • Do take in- between rests if you are getting exhausted. Your body will tell you to what point it can cope.
  • Drink water as frequent as you required.
  • Do weigh yourself at the start of the Zumba program so you can gauge your progress of losing the kilos as you go along.

The "Dont's" to remember:

  • Don't allow yourself to be pressured by family and or friends to join if you don't feel like it.
  • Don't immediately enrol for a 10 session work-out if you are doubtful that the style of teaching of the Zumba instructor suits you.
  • Don't wear heavy runners which would make the dancing steps uncomfortable to cope.
  • Don't give up if you can't get the steps. Sweating it out in the company of many is more a good reason to keep going.
  • Don't eat double serving after the work-out if you are keen to lose weight. It is unwise to justify that because you did a workout and burn a lot of calories, you need to refill them back.
  • Don't put up with a lousy Zumba instructor. If the Zumba teacher does not interact well with the group, it is time to choose another one.
  • Don't hesitate to stop in the middle of the routine if you find yourself catching your breath. There is no rule that says continue, continue, continue until you drop dead.

Now if you are all set and ready to go, it is time to check the closest Zumba class location near you. It may also be worth checking the cyberspace for the many testimonials of the "before and after Zumba" effect on some individuals. Good luck and enjoy for life is too short after all.