And one...and two...and three...all together now and the Latin music is played on. The Zumba fever has hit the town and people are joining in big numbers. Why is Zumba becoming a popular way of shedding the extra kilos and help improve the cardiovascular system?

Plain and simple - Zumba provides an aerobic class routine that is enjoyable and fun to do! It is like attending a big dance party where your moves will not be scrutinized or be judged upon. It does not matter if the stretches you make or the dance steps you create is out of sync. for as long as you throw your arms, sway your hips and move your feet - you will be fine and no one else would care less.

What is Zumba?

Pronounced as "Zoom-buh", it is a Colombian word which means fast and to have fun. Zumba is a trade name for an aerobic dance fitness program created accidentally by Alberto Perez who is a Miami based dancer, choreographer and aerobics instructor.

Unlike the traditional aerobic style of exercise, Zumba dances its way in achieving a cardiovascular exercise that goes with the rhythm of Latin music. There is a combine slow and fast dance routines and resistance training that tones and sculpts the body. The intensity of the dance movement relies heavily on each individual hence the burning of unwanted calories vary from one to another.

The different dance styles incorporated in Zumba include Mambo, Cumbia, Merengue, Cha-cha, and Reggaeton (a Latin hip-hop). With all these different dance routine, Zumba creates a high- energy cardio work out but low impact on the body. This makes the fitness program suitable for all ages and body type.

Consequently, many versions of Zumba is being created to cater to particular age group of people like Zumba Gold for the seniors, Zumbatomic for children and Aqua Zumba for water participants.

To date, the " Zumba Fever" has infected an astonishing 10 million participants world wide and I suspect it will continue to grow now that people can buy Zumba DVDs and do the dance routine in the comfort of their homes should they wish to do so.

Zumba Considerations

  • If you are game to attend a free trial Zumba class remember to wear a comfortable outfit from head to toes. Pay particular attention to the dancing shoes i.e sneakers. Make sure the dancing shoes you are wearing have enough flexibility to manage all the feet movements without causing strain or injury to your self. It is also good to be wearing a lighter type of sneakers as the heavy ones can impede your movement.
  • Correct clothing can make your work-out easier. Choose a Zumba outfit i.e Tee shirts and exercise pants or shorts that will allow you to move comfortably with the movements.

Zumba Rewards

Attending regular Zumba classes can make one physically fit and yes, if you are dead serious, can also be a means of weight reduction as you burn up to 500 calories within the one hour session. This of course is dependent on how much effort you exert in. On top of this, toxins are eliminated from your body as you sweat your way to a healthy life style.

So let us bring it on.... at the count of 1....2....3..... play the Latin music and sway your body.