If you adore Zumba, or at least interested in learning more, then you probably want to find Zumba lessons online.

There are so many options for you to enjoy this dance fusion workout. Zumba is one of the most popular exercises in the world, not just because it's fun, but its also very effective. Many more people are clueless on the benefits of Zumba, but the essence of the exercise gives you a total body work, just by nature of incorporating everything from modern dance, Latin dance and even kickboxing.

 There is no wonder that this kind of routine has many people wondering about their options in learning Zumba online. Not only can you have privacy when learning new fun dance routines that Zumba has to offer, but you also can begin to learn the foundational steps, which are staple in most of the exercise steps.

 What is Zumba Dancing?

 Zumba dancing is a high energy workout routine that incorporates Latin dance, African dance, hip-hop, Indian dance and even high energy kickboxing to make you burn calories and stick to this intense and fun regimen.

 How Many Calories Does Zumba Burn?

 Great question.

The average Zumba class can have you burning almost 600 calories or more for an hour. Some high energy Zumba classes like the Zumba Fitness DVD line can have you buring up to 1000 calories for an hour.

You'll have to remember that your calorie burn is only maximized when you move and engage your entire body.

That means fully engaging your arms and lifting your legs when the routine warrants it. The complete effectiveness really comes to this workout almost like a FIT routine. Zumba breaks its routine typically into sets.

So you may do a higher impact set for 5 minutes, you'll typically stop and get water for 30 seconds. And then back to a increasingly higher set for say 5 minutes, just like interval training. This kind of Zumba interval training is where you really burn your most calories.

 Zumba Classes on DVD and Online

 You'll find that there are some great Zumba classes on YouTube. Guthie Rinker also sells some great Zumba fitness tapes. Remember that often the best experience is an in person one. But if you aren't able to join a real life class, you can find excellent classes right on Youtube and even Daily Motion. You can find also great reviews on those online internet video sites as well on fun dance DVDs. Don't forget that the Wii offers a great line of Zumba games as well too.

 Zumba Clothes and Accessories

 Zumba fitness actually utilizes unique clothes like cargo pants or even dance pants that are tight fitting and flairs slightly at the knee, almost like a yoga pant. You'll most likely also be more comfortable in Zumba shoes or trainers. The tennis shoe is really a dance shoe. Its made for the move-ability that Salsa or meringue steps require. You can get cheap dance clothes typically thorough your instructor. Often times, they can get you discounts if the class purchases things like pants and tops and Zumba scarves as a group.

 Remember though being in a live class is ideal but when you can't Zumba lessons online can be the next best thing.