Zune 30GB Accessories

Zune 30GB Accessories

If you currently own a Zune 30GB device, you're probably interested in what kind of accessories you can buy to get more use out of your MP3 player. There are a lot of great Zune 30GB accessories on the market, and this article will examine a few of them. It's important to know your choices when it comes to accessories, because there are a lot of useless products on the market today.

Zune Car PackZune Car Pack

This pack consists of some Zune 30GB accessories that you don't want to be without if you plan on using your device while you are on the road. This car pack includes an FM transmitter that uses an FM signal to broadcast your music through your car's stereo speakers. For example, you can set the FM transmitter to station 85.3. When you tune your car's radio to that station, you can hear whatever is playing on your MP3 player. The transmitter has an autoseek function, which will automatically locate any unused FM frequency (i.e. any radio stations that are currently filled with static sound).

In addition, this car pack includes a car charger that will plug into your car's 12-volt cigarette lighter plug. Continued use of your device will certainly drain the battery, so it's very helpful to be able to charge it while you're traveling in your car.

Zune Home A/V PackZune Home Pack

This pack consists of some Zune 30GB accessories that will be useful when you are at home. Included in this pack is a docking station, an AC adapter, a wireless remote, and an A/V output cable. The dock is really nice to have, so that whenever you're near it, you can drop your device in it for it to charge. This is very helpful for when you are not near a computer. More importantly, you can use the dock to play music on external speakers. With the wireless remote available, you can basically turn your Zune 30GB player into the centerpiece of a home audio system.

Zune Travel PackZune Travel

The Zune travel pack is one of the great Zune 30GB accessories that makes it easy to go on vacation with the device. One nice feature of this pack is that it includes a durable bag that holds your Zune and its accessories. Like the home A/V pack, this one includes a remote control, however this remote serves a different purpose. It includes the ability to connect two different headphones to the device (so that you and another person can listen to it simultaneously). Another feature of the remote is that it offers convenient playlist control.

As a bonus to this travel pack, you also get a set of premium earphones. This is significant because there have been reports that the earphones included with the Zune device are fairly low quality. This pack would give the consumer the opportunity to upgrade, and really be able to experience better audio quality.

There are a lot of other Zune 30GB accessories out there, but these are three that offer you a lot of versatility!