Some of my fondest memories are of when my children were babies, or even toddlers. I will never forget how much fun it was to dress them up in the cutest of clothes and parade them around. I loved it when someone would make a big deal out of how I had a unique hat for my son, or even a bow for my daughter. One place I remember finding these unique clothes for my children is Zutano.

Zutano clothing was the brainchild of a young couple who lived in New York city in 1989. They realized after having their first child how limited the child's clothing market was and struck out to change that. The end result was the Zutano Clothing Company.

Zutano makes clothing for the premie, newborn, toddler, as well as a full line of accessories and plush toys.

Here are some examples of the clothing that Ztano has available to babies:

  • Apple Newborn Elf Onesie: This ulra comfortable onesie is made of the cozie fleece and is available in 4 colors. Its pullover hood will give your child the appearance of looking like an elf. What could be more adorable?
  • Ambrosia Short Sleeve Wrap Onesie: This is a pink onesie with candy stripe pattern that is recommended to be paired with pool leggings and a pool hat. You are guaranteed to get compliments if you dress up your little girl in this outfit.
  • Forest Fun Organic Short Sleeved Wrap Onesie: Dressing your unruly baby boy is a snap with this "snap up" onesie with a forest scene on the front. Finally, someone designed a onesie that makes life easy for the parents who are attempting to dress a slippery, squirming baby.
  • Cottage Garden Newborn Dress: I will never forget one of my buddies who didn't have children yet criticising me for buying my newborn baby girl a dress. He said,"Why does a newborn need a dress?" I told him that he will see someday. This adorable dress comes in 4 patterns and is recommended to be worn with the lime candy strip leggings and the fuchsia hat.
  • Cozie Newborn Hat: This comfortable, fleece hat is sure to keep your newborn's head warm this winter. It is also going to turn some heads! This hat comes in three colors; chocolate, fuchsia or pool.
  • Cozie Mittens with Strings: These mittens are also made of the cozie fleece and feature a string so that Mom and Dad have an easier time keeping track of both of them. The cozie mittens come in your choice of 6 colors.
  • Cozie Booties: What discussion about baby clothes would be complete without mentioning booties? These comfortable, fleece booties will keep your baby's feet warm as well as complete the cozie outfit from Zutanos.
  • Hip Hoppy rabbit plush toys: These soft plush toys are designed for your baby to cuddle up with or try to tear apart when they are in a ornery mood. Either way, your baby will enjoy one of these.

Your baby needs clothes. Zutano makes some high quality clothes that are durable, warm, stylish and functional. Their clothes are designed with both baby and parents in mind.