Why I Love J.A.Henckels Knives and You will too!

J.A.Henckel Pro S KnifeCredit: amazon.com

Looking for a new set of knives for your home or your professional kitchen? Maybe you don't cook as often as you'd like to at home, or wonder what tools the professionals use or want to make cooking less of a chore and more of an enjoyment. One of the secrets of professional chefs is that we use tools that help to do each job effortlessly and quickly. Over 275 years of quality construction in knives puts Zwilling J.A.Henckels on your list to investigate as they are internationally known as the world's leading manufacturer of quality knives. A couple of my own favorite picks are listed below for you to get started owning the best knives on the market today.

 These are some of the qualities to look for and what J.A.Henckels does so well:

 Variety of lengths and style to choose from and yes, Henckels has all of these:

Chef's Knife

Paring knife


Filet knife


Slicing blades



Steak knives


Santoku knife with hollow blade

Tourinade knife for garnishing

Characteristics you'll want to use and what you should consider before purchasing a set include all of these features of the Henckel knives:

 ~ Highest grade of forged stainless steel used creating a durability of each blade with the steel going all the way through with one piece creating a super strong kitchen tool that will last for years to come. See our favorites listed at the end of this article.

 ~ Sharp blade that will cut easily through your food making fast work of preparing meats, vegetables, herbs and all the way up to serving meals.

 ~ Holds a sharp edge for a long time and won't need sharpening after only a few uses the way that inexpensive and cheaply made imitations do.

 ~ Henckel knives are well balanced for ease of use – the blade does the work so you don't struggle to cut, dice, mince, julienne and chop. Don't you just hate it when you have to force a knife into a tomato only to smash instead of slice it? I sure do.

 ~ Resists corrosion based on the carbon and chromium in the steel used.

 ~ Ergonomic: Easy to hold with a polypropylene handle that feels good in your hand and is easy to use.

 ~ Seamless polypropylene handles offer better hygiene than wood or other porous surface that allows bacteria to penetrate more easily and quickly. Super easy to clean and to keep bacteria free.

 ~ Strong tip that will not bend or break no matter what you need to cut in your food preparation - even frozen foods cut effortlessly.

 ~ Easy to clean and maintain in perfect condition - they will become cherished heirlooms to pass down to your family.

 ~ Very hard to scratch and these will look almost brand new even 10 years after purchasing.

 ~ Inexpensive considering these are very long lasting blades that won't need replaced every few years.

 ~ Dishwasher safe although Henckel recommends them to be hand washed. I hand washed my own knives and dry on a clean towel.

 ~ Henckel knives look great in your home kitchen or your professional kitchen, you know what you're doing when you own Henckel,, at least you look like you do!!

 ~ Fantastic warranty – Lifetime warranty against defects.

Henckels also offers a knife block to keep them all in one place, keep them safe from banging around with other items in a drawer, protects the tips as well as includes a sharpening steel to keep these handy kitchen tools in top working condition.

Henckel knives make a great gift for the professional chef or the home cook. So consider at least a starter set for the newlyweds, college graduate or anyone getting a first apartment or just learning how to cook.

Made in Germany – never accept Henckel blades made elsewhere, these are not true Zwilling J.A. Henckels and will not perform the same or last as long. Also look for the Henckels logo on each blade or handle for authenticity.

Note:  ** Keep all knives away from children.

If you want a new kitchen tool that will help you get your work done better and faster and want to choose a professional, quality gift for home cook or chef; consider Zwilling J.A. Henckel knives and you won't be disappointed. They have everything you need in an affordable, high tech, well performing blade.

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Henckels Everedge 13 piece Knife Set with Bonus! Cheese Knife

J.A. Henckels International Everedge 13-Piece Knife Set with Bonus Cheese Knife
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Henckel offers this beautiful and practical set with wood block on sale! Great cutting set for a gift for newlyweds, first apartment dweller, any foodie and as a beginner set.

Basic Henckels Starter Set 3 Piece

Once you try them, you'll never use others.

J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL Fine Edge Pro 3-pc Starter Knife Set
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Great starter set of knives.