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10 Inexpensive Shadow Box Ideas for the Most Thoughtful Gift Ever!


These inspiring and thoughtful gifts will demonstrate to others how special and significant they are to you.  Shadow boxes come in a variety of colors and styles that you can match to the taste or environment where the gift will be displayed.  There are innumerable ideas for shadow box themes and an endless variety of mementos to place in them. This gift is very special. It’s a great way to show the important people in your life a tangible collection of memories and your genuine appreciation for your relationship with them as an individual.


Shadow boxes make perfect gifts for grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends. Get in touch with your creative self and give a gift that will be treasured for a lifetime!


What you will need:

  • A Shadow Box
  • Glue Dots
  • Photos
  • Mementos/Souvenirs/Keepsakes


Here are 10 Shadow Box Gift Ideas:


1) Newborn Baby Shadow Box: These make a great gift to proud grandparents, godparents and other family members. You can include the first outfit your baby grew out of, hand and foot print keepsakes, and photos of the new parents and new baby!


2) Sports Team Shadow Box: Give your favorite sports fan a way to proudly display your gift and their favorite team! Just pick the sport, the team, find out their favorite players and put together an image rich shadow box to help them show off their memorabilia and sports-fan loyalty.


3) Special Occasion Shadow Box: Find objects that represent a shared history between you and the other person. Some examples of where to look are from are special occasions you have shared with them, such as weddings, christenings, graduation ceremonies, and special achievements or milestones. Use photos of the occasion and little keepsakes to include in the shadow box from the event.


4) Vacation Shadow Box: Collect photos, travel documents (bus, train, airplane seating stubs), admission tickets for parks, museums, theatre, film, shells, and other reminders of family vacation, for individual trips taken in the past. You can also commemorate their semester or year abroad, Peace Corps service, or a sailing trip in the Maldives!


5) Pets Shadow Box: Whether a new pet, old friend, or memory, a shadow box with pictures and pet mementos is a special gift for those who would appreciate a reminder of their favorite furry friend.


6) Childhood Memories Shadow Box: You can use infant items, baby shoes, small toys and trinkets. By finding special treasures from the past, you can create a “window” into the past for someone special such as a grandchild, your child, your spouse, parent, or sibling.


7) Achievements Shadow Box: You can fill the shadow box with awards and medals for the competitive person in your life. They will appreciate and enjoy the display and your acknowledgement of their accomplishments. This can also motivate someone!


8) Artistic Expression Shadow Box: Use artistic and creative expression by using photographs, fabrics, and other materials to design a sculpture or collage for the person you are presenting the shadow box to, and focus on their passions or favorite things. Use your talent and show someone close to you just how special he or she really is!


9) Hobby Shadow Box: Did your grandmother love to sew? Does your father enjoy Fly Fishing? Was your sister a collector of all things butterflies and fairies? Was your brother fascinated with model trains or matchbox cars? These are great shadow boxes to create as they may bring up fond memories or frame existing passions.


Tip: You can also create a club shadow box using badges and other reminders from time spent in Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, 4-H, Book Clubs or Sports Clubs. Any club that was special to the recipient will do! This shadow box is sure to bring back some great memories!


10) Relationship Shadow Box: You can create a shadow box full of loving memories from your relationship. Remembering your first date, dance or kiss. Poems, songs, letters, and anything else shared throughout your relationship that has strengthened your bond and brought joy and happiness to one another. These also make the perfect anniversary gift. Celebrate each other and your lives!

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