You have a hunch that your man could be cheating, but you don't want to make false accusations. You need proof. There are telltale signs of infidelity in men you would be wise to learn.  In some cases a cheating man could display some ,or all, of these signs, in others they may not show any classic telltale signs while having an affair. The thing to remember is that men who cheat can sometimes show signs that suggest the obvious, but it does not guarantee that they are cheating. The only way to know 100% is if they tell you, or you catch them at it. It is still useful to be aware of the symptoms however, use your intuition to solve the mystery.

These are 10 signs of infidelity in men/warning signs of infidelity in men:

1. He loses interest in you sexually.

You are fully aware of your partners sexual habits. You know if he has a high or low sex drive. You know how many time a week he needs sex and under what circumstances he can initiate it. In truth all men usually have some form of predictability about their sexual habits, even if they are spontaneous lovers. If anything has changed and he no longer respons to you when it has been a while since you had sex or it's near the time he would want it, you could have a problem.

2.He is protective with his phone,takes it everywhere and leaves the room to take a call.

There is no reason to take your phone everywhere you go in the house unless you are worried someone will look through it or the phone will ring in your absence and someone would answer it. He could be hiding something. Although warning signs of infidelity in a man do not guarantee he is a cheat, this one pretty much shows how he could at some point receive a call from women, or has already. If it was innocent, he may not know he's doing it and it could be a habit. 

3.He takes twice as long to get home from work than the time it actually takes

If he tells you he is coming straight home from work and it takes an hour, instead of the usually half an hour, he could be meeting some one on the way.

4.He spends a lot of time away from home due to longer shifts at work and other work related excuses.

It would be easy to use  work as an excuse to stay away from home uninterrupted. Men often say they have meetings or extra work hours when they need an excuse to be absent, so  they can meet their lover.

Becoming  defensive.

A guilty conscience can cause a cheat to be defensive when you ask them something innocent. A cheat doesn't want to be found out and in their mind their are worried they will be. When asked something innocent like; why they took so long to get home they could be worried that you are suspicious, or are close to finding out the truth, so they get defensive. 

An increase in vanity

Does your man feel more vain? Is he interested in improving his body at the gym, dieting, building abs or smelling of expensive cologne? He might be trying to look good for his mistress.

Not always wearing a wedding ring.

Most people don't take off their ring at all, so there could be someone he is hiding his marriage from.

Hiding bank statements and credit card transaction bills.

If an adulterous husband has been spending money on an affair and buying things for his lover, he would definately not want you to see the bills.

He is not interested in spending time with you.

Any emotional or physical distance is a sign he is not interested in you. Maybe it is because he is spending time with someone else, or maybe not. Find out why he is distant.

The smell of perfume on his clothes.

Does he come home smelling of perfume after he goes out most times? He could be visiting his lady friend who has certain perfume preference.

Whether certain that there are enough signs or not, you should not be hasty. The 10 signs of infidelity in men could be a coincidence and your spouse could be innocent. Do what feels right. If you feel like you need more proof, find it.