There are 5 things you need to avoid as an online writer. When you decide to write online, it can be very rewarding but for new writers it can also be frustrating. Unless you’re freelancing for immediate payment, the monetary gains at first can be dismal to outright depressing. For this reason, many writers simply give up before they even understand that writing online for content sites takes time and effort before there are any results at all. Here are 5 mistakes you’re making as an online writer and how to correct them.

Mistake Number One No Patience

To write online you need incredible patience. Most writers get fed up because they see no results at all in the beginning and it’s easy to do this because you may only see pennies if anything for several months. Who wants to write for pennies? What you fail to see is that over time, these pennies quickly turn to dollars and before you know it there’s a good income developing. You must take your time and just write. Forget about money and just write until you have 50-100 articles on a site and then evaluate where you are. Give the writing time to mature on the search engines and you will see results.

Mistake Number Two Not Writing Enough

It’s amazing to go to content sites and se people complaining about no money when they have 2 or 3 articles written. To make money writing you have to do something very important, it’s critical. To make money, you guessed it, you have to write. You don’t have to write 10 articles or 20 you need to write hundreds and the more the better. Write until you can’t write anymore and then do it again, just keep writing. Just so we are clear, you have to write to earn money. Don’t dream about it just do it.

Mistake Number Three No Diversification

To write online you need to write on several content sites. The main reason is that sites can come and go or have problems. Some sites just fold completely and there goes your income. I used to write for Brighthub and get paid $15 per article but that site folded, it cаn happen at any time so make sure you have a diversified portfolio. Aim for several core sites you write for and have a few backups as well. There are many sites where you can put your content so have a few sites where you write on a regular basis.

Mistake Number Four No Keywords

At some point you’ll need to use some keywords. You can write naturally and this will get you some views but you need to use keywords to see growth in your traffic. It takes time to understand how keywords work so at the beginning you’ll probably not use many but as you write you should study SEO and how it related to web writing. All you’re doing is helping guide the reader to your content with the right keywords. Some writers will never use keywords while others use them the all the time. Just remember the web is competitive so make the most out of keywords and write for topics that aren’t so saturated online.

Mistake Number Five You Write Poor Content

Try to put your best into each article you write. Ain for 50 words at a minimum and mоre is always better. Some articles will require 650-1000 words while others may need to be longer. Basic articles are good at 500-750 words for most topics. Make sure your content is as good as you can make it because it makes a world of difference.

Here’s a word of advice to you. Never, ever give up no matter how hard it might seem. Just put your butt in the chair and let the words flow. Write each day and whenever you can. Writers need to write so give it your all and turn your passion into success.