The make-up market today is no longer geared towards just the young population. Make-up products today advertise youth and beauty for those women who are older and wish to keep their youthful appearance. There are thousands of products on the market that try to help reduce the process of aging, but some products used the wrong way can actually cause you to look older.

As well as fixing some of the more grievous fashion errors, simply changing your makeup can really give you a more youthful appearance. If you want to look youthful and bright, there are certain errors to avoid when getting ready for the day.

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Using the Wrong Foundation or Base

The young are always trying to keep up that fresh, tanned look. Tans can look great, but do not try to create a tan with your make-up! Applying too dark of a foundation to your skin looks bad whether you are young or old. A base that is too orange will be difficult to blend and will make you seem clownish. Dark foundation is also hard to blend with the skin and your face will not look beautiful if it doesn't match the rest of you. Be very careful to make sure that your foundation matches your skin tone as closely as possible.

There are a few ways to make sure that you are picking the right foundation. Try visiting a make-up counter and asking someone to help you find the right match. Or, hold the bottle or container to your skin at the cheekbone to get an estimate. Foundation that matches correctly will be easy to blend. Start with a small patch of skin if you aren't sure and blend all around to get a nice even covering.

Remember when you apply to the eyes that less is more! The eyes are the first place wrinkles appear, and thick layers of makeup can bring them out.

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Using thick layers of make-up

Make-up can cover up aging spots and other blemishes, but caking on multiple layers of make-up can also emphasize your wrinkles! Try to put on barely enough make-up to cover the spots that need it most. Damage to your skin can be hidden with just the thinnest layers. Anything too hard to cover is best ignored. Small moles and freckles add character to your face anyway, do not bother trying to hide them!

When applying, make sure you are in a well-lit room with mirror access. Your face should not feel heavy with make-up.  You may want to stand back from the mirror when applying, so you can see the progress from a proper distance. Also, avoid too dark eyeliner and eye shadow colors that can give even young faces a distinctively creepy appearance. Thick lines across the eyes might hide some smaller wrinkles, but they also emphasize sunken eyes.

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Applying shimmery eye shadow

Too many women wear glitter and bright colors beyond the appropriate age. You are trying to appear younger, but apply your make-up according to your right age. Save the glitz and glam eye shadow for junior high girls and overdressed supermodels. An adult can strive to look youthful without appearing immature.

For daily use, try a more neutral color that will emphasize your eyes but not any damage that might be around them. Lighter shadows will make your eyes look bright and cheerful. If you want to use color, pick deep colors that are mature in appearance. Color eye shadow should generally be applied to the lower part of the lid. Don't allow the color to reach all the way to the inside corner of your eye. Applying eye shadow is about shape at this point, and emphasizing the right parts of your eye.

Applying red blush

Red blush is a fantastic idea for the girl going out on a date. For the older woman, however, red blush can be a curse. The bright red of the blush just looks strange on an older face. Try using a darker bronze instead to emphasize those cheek bones. Neutral tones can help hide wrinkles where red blush can't, but still give your cheek bones a youthful lift.

Also, make certain to apply blush correctly! You don't want it to reach too close to the nose. You also don't want it to be too dark as it approaches the hairline. Blush should also blend naturally with the rest of your makeup. If not, the dark red circles might remind others of the circus!

If you are not certain what shade to use, take a look at how the blush matches the natural shade of your lips. Colors that are naturally more like your lip color are going to look beautiful!

Dark lip-liner

Though this look was once the style, it has lost its flair.  Dark lip-liner around your regular lipstick or no lipstick can really put an age on you.  Lip-liner keeps the lipstick from bleeding, so approach lip-liner with that idea.

Try your best to have the liner match your lips, or even use a clear liner if you are having trouble.

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Lip liner is a useful tool, but be careful what color you use!

Pencil Eyebrows

Eyebrows penciled in incorrectly are a major setback in your makeup. Dark, thick lines for eyebrows  are not very flattering. And one, thin line for an eyebrow can be shocking on a face that otherwise looks very natural.

If you are shaving eyebrows and then drawing them in, you may want to reconsider.  A more effective method is to shape what hair is in your eyebrows. Then, using a light, thin tipped pencil, fill in the blanks with short, quick strokes.

How light should the pencil be? Try a shade or two lighter than your natural eyebrow color. That way, primarily your natural eyebrow will shine through with the boost of the adjustments you have made.

These are just the make-up tips! Be careful not to make any fashion mistakes. Remember that you are an adult trying to appear younger, not a child learning to put make-up on for the first time. Avoid overdoing any of your make-up. Try to look as natural as possible while hiding the few scars that a good life has left you, and you will certainly appear younger.