Birthdays are the most awaited days of the year. Children love counting the days till their next birthday, guessing what gifts and how many of them they will receive, what foods  their parents would prepare and so many other great details that make them too excited for the arrival of that natal day.

The preparation for our little girl and little boy's birthday entails different  requirements. Our little girl would dream of a fairy tale kingdom, princesses and castles, their  favorite characters on tv and other similar ideas. Our little boy would love superhero themes like spiderman, superman, batman and so on. In this article, we will focus on the different suggestions for your girl's birthday party. Below are some  suggestions on the different themes you can choose from.


Disney Princess Party
Every little girl feels like a princess in her parents'  kingdom. We do the best we can to show to her and make her feel she is loved and that we are always there for her in every part of her life. We usually  expose our kids to fairy tales, kingdom's of a far away land, kings and princesses  and so on. These characters are retained in the minds of our children and most of them want to  play their favorite princess in real life. Every little girl loves all the  characters of our favorite fairy tales. We have Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Ariel and so on.  If we realize this dream of hers, it will really make her so happy to see all of her guests dressed in little princes' and princesses' attire. Your baby will really feel that her birthday is so magical.


Barbie Party
Barbie is so loved around the world. Every little girl wants to have a  collection of this beautiful doll with her different outfits. Barbie is a very  versatile character and loves to do a lot of things. She can be a beauty queen, a  princess, a popstar, a Barbie vacationing at the beach with her beautiful swimwear, a  Barbie in a beautiful gown ready for her ball and many more.

A Barbie party would surely be a  blast and a memorable event for her and her friends. It will also encourage her guests  to give her a very pretty Barbie doll or a Barbie inspired gift that she would surely  love. She would be too excited to add it to her collection.

Princess Aurora of Sleeping Beauty

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Slumber Party
Some parents may not be amenable to this but your little girl would  really love having her girl friends around at home overnight and spend the evening with them chatting about the things they really love, playing their favorite game and enjoying their favorite midnight snack. They can spend the night talking about their beautiful experiences, what they love doing most, also play with their favorite doll and many others. They would really love the experience. It is necessary though that you check on them from time to time to make sure that they are behaving properly and that the activities they are doing are wholesome.

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High School Musical Party
The High School Musical movie has really inspired so many teenagers around the world. Many of them were able to relate to the characters of the story, the characters' school experiences and their first admiration of those from the opposite sex. Every little  girl wants to be like Gabriella who was talented and was admired by her classmates and  friends. Your child can hold a little singing competition for her friends with some attractive prizes too. They can also play a truth or dare game which is a favorite game by teenagers. The high school musical movie soundtrack would also be a perfect background music. The musical tone of the party will make the whole event very memorable.

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It is best to make a checklist in order to note down all the necessary materials that you will need for the birthday party. A step by step process and a complete checklist will surely make our preparation easier.  It would also make us feel relaxed, organized and will free us from feeling the too much stress brought about by the preparation. It is also best to ask our little girl which theme she likes the most and it is necessary to help her make this birthday wish come to reality.  Anyway, it's her birthday and this comes only once a year.