The Search For Affordable Car Insurance

When you find yourself in the market for automobile insurance, the last thing you want to do is pick the first company that comes along declaring itself to be the most affordable or, a common favorite generic claim, “the best” (the best at what, precisely?). If what you’re after is flat out, simply the cover that will meet the absolute minimum requirements mandated, at the lowest possible price, then you need to look--carefully, now--for cheap car insurance quotes.

Tread Carefully

There is a caveat, here. It’s simple to find lots and lots of insurance companies happy to take your pounds in exchange for shoddy or even reprehensible service. Yes; you’re looking for the cheapest route, and so you do not expect to receive the kid glove treatment. But that doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to be set up for a swindle. There are plenty of reputable companies that will meet your needs satisfactorily for a good, decent price. Just be aware that slimy companies and outright scams are salivating at the prospect of getting ahold of your hard-earned wages.

Take, for example, the recent scam uncovered just this year. A couple established a (fake) brokerage firm offering car insurance on the cheap. Motorists eagerly ponied up the tiny sum of £100 apiece to this couple, who then blatantly lied to insurance underwriters about the applicants’ driving and personal details in order to snap up deeply discounted insurance rates. Their deception over a period of seven years netted them £920,000, which they happily spent on tuition at a distinguished school for their children, a home purchase of over £360,000, a couple of Mercedes Benz cars, several luxurious vacations to tropical islands and more. Further, they defrauded the government by claiming (and getting) winter fuel allowances and pension credits. They paid no tax.

And then, they were caught. And those who “purchased” the cheap insurance were left in the lurch.

The moral of the story: if it sounds too good to be true... 

Inexpensive Possibilities From Companies of Good Repute

Not everyone is out to scam you, though. Some jaw-droppingly good offers are out there, that are completely legitimate. It is essential, though, that you research each company carefully before handing over your cash, lest you end up in a similar situation as those poor folks just mentioned.

Below is a collection of some companies that will offer you a decent product with decent service, without taking you to the cleaners. Not every company that fits this description is listed here; also keep in mind that special offers come and go, and companies often review and repackage their offers. What you see here is representative of the kinds of rates you can find.

Nor would any of the companies mentioned in this list necessarily be the right pick for you. Insurance shopping is a very individual and personal undertaking. A company that is a perfect fit for your sister may be the polar opposite of what you need. As you perform your review of companies and offers, keep your eyes peeled for details that mean the most to you. Do you want a low deductible? Quick service? The lowest price no matter how thin the coverage is? You might want to take a few moments to jot down on a piece of paper your criteria for choosing insurance, numbered in order of importance. Such a guideline will help you zero in on the companies to keep in the running, and those to cross off the list.

Querying the Companies

Here are just a few individual insurance companies to explore for yourself:

Adrian Flux admits right on its website that customers could save 70% simply by getting their quote over the phone. Request a free callback to snag its very best rates. **

Aviva claims that 10% of its insured paid just  £198 for comprehensive car insurance. Its agents aren’t paid on sales commissions, but on customer satisfaction. ***

Zurich automatically applies an internet discount for applying for its insurance online. Also, this company is chartered to provide ethical first class service, so this might be a good pick for someone who appreciates being well taken care of.

You’ve Got Homework

The process would surely go faster if all you did was pick a name off of somebody’s list. But the fact is, the only way to truly determine which company will provide you cheap car insurance quotes that will meet your needs is for you to do a little digging yourself.

Secrets of Getting Cheaper Car Insurance