Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym for Cardio, Strength and Circuit Training

If you are looking for a cheap lightweight Portable Gym, then the Portable Journey Gym is perfect for you!The Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym is a great all rounder for Cardio, Strength and circuit training.

Journey Gym Portable Universal Gym

What does the Portable Universal Gym from Journey Gym do?

This portable gym is lightweight and only weights 14.2 pounds. You can use it at home, at the office or even take the Portable Gym on vacation with you,the revolutionary Portable Gym has plenty to offer. The Journey Gym comes in a stylish looking case and when you are ready to do your cardio, you simply open and unfold the case. This amazing product opens up into its very own workout station. It has a rubber padding to help comfort your body while you are doing your workout, instead of using the hard floor. This gym also features adjustable resistance settings which range from five pounds to seventy-five pounds. After you workout on the workout platform is completed you can then transform the Journey Gym into a stair stepper. The stair stepper is a great addition to this equipment because it is low impact on your body and it is very very easy on your bones and your joints. The stair stepping will help you tone up on those needed places such as your buttocks, upper legs, lower legs and the calf. Basically overall the stair stepping will help you build up your strength and your muscles. I highly recommend this product and you will be very satisfied. There are many workout gyms available, how many actually come in a handy carrying case to take on the go? This is the greatest Cardio workout station around! 

The portable Universal Gym contains 30 resistant bands, two adjustable handles and platform legs, also the case itself turns in to a stepper and platform for exercise.

What makes the Portable Universal Gym from Journey so special?

How many times have you bought a piece of gym equipment only to have it used as a clothes horse or get annoyed when it takes up too  much space in your home? This gym gets rid of those worries because it all packs away in to a nice brief case. No need to have your whole dining room taken up, just use this tidy little brief case.

Journey Gym portable Universal Gym also gets rid of that typical excuse of being to tired to work out by the time you get home from the office, because you can take this portable gym to the office.

The company that make this product even have some free workout videos on their website, so you get everything you need with this portable gym. Resistance training is the most up to date and fashionable way to exercise.

This portable gym is currently a 5 star rated product from all of its users and everyone is completely satisfied with how efficient and well the gym performs.