One of my favourite things to do is redecorate, especially when moving into a new house or when i feel like a change. I love the feeling of a fresh start, or a revamp. One thing I am always striving to do in my house is give it character, a sense of “me and my family”. As they say “It’s just a house until you make it a home”.

A lot of people usually use things like family photos and such as a part of decorating the house, and while I do have some I find they are a standard thing to do, and always try to come up with other ideas to display our family photos. So I started hunting for ideas and materials I could use. I started in the cupboards and ended up behind the back shed which is where I find my most useful item. A piece of long scrap metal, free and perfect! Add a few pieces of ribbon, some of your family photos and you have this awesome wall feature for your house or hallway as I have done so.  Even with the added extras this entire project cost me under $10 and I couldn't be any happier with how it turned out.

The Finished Product(141355)


Let the Search Begin

Start off with finding all the photos you want to use, put them in lines by how many you want to use according to the space you have on your wall. I chose 6 x 7 so a total of 42 Photos. You don’t need the exact amount because you are yet to find your holding piece but just an approximate amount to get you started and the ideas rolling in.

Start the search! Don’t leave any stone unturned, as I said before I found my holding piece behind the back shed in the wood pile. Untouched, not being used and perfect for what I wanted. Check the cupboards, shelves and even the spare drawers that are hardly used for any materials you might want to use.

Once you have found your holding piece, you will need a hole punch and some ribbon. Make sure you have enough ribbon to do the entire project. Not only will you need the lengths but add extra for the knots you will need to tie on each photo and the holding piece. I bought 3 rolls of black sparkly ribbon and 1 purple ribbon for a bit of extra at the bottom.

Start by laying the holding piece you have chosen down on the ground, and place each picture where you want them. Then grab each picture and use the hole punch to add your ribbon holes as seen in the picture below.

Sorting your Photo's

Now that you have done that, chop a piece of ribbon (longer than expected) to work out the best size that you want. Start by tying the first piece of ribbon to the top of the photo and to the holding piece as you can see in the above photo. Pick it up if needed to see how far the photo will drop once it is hung. If you are happy with that then work your way down, tying each photo to the above photo with a new piece of ribbon. It can be a little tricky but it’s easier if you can spare the extra ribbon to allow yourself more tying room and then cut them shorter once you have finished. After a few trial and errors I found that it was easier to do one row at a time going vertical, as once the first row is finished and tied you can fold the photos up into a pile to allow yourself more room.

Please note, Kittens find this project very fun also, so take into account where you place this as you will not do it all in one time frame and I was constantly trying to keep our kitten molly from sitting on the photos or chewing the ribbon. While she is very cute, it did make it take double time, and I did this over a period of days rather than in one hit although it can be done in one sitting.

Once you have tied everything together lift it up and see how it looks, fits in the space and if you are happy with it. You can add anything you like. I added a few stick on letters saying “Fun Times” a couple of butterflies which can be purchased at a 2 dollar shop or craft shop usually in packs, and little purple ribbons at the bottom of each end row  photo. Depending on what you chose for your holding piece, this project isn’t heavy so you will only need picture frame hooks to hang it up.

It’s easy, cheap, and fun and adds a little spice to your home that your friends don’t have that you can’t buy in every second store. Not only that, it’s a great feeling once you have finished knowing “Hey I made that, and it looks really good”.

This idea can also be used as a gift to someone, especially with Mothers Day just around the corner! They will love it and you can guarantee no one has bought them anything like it before.

In short these are the materials you will need:

1 Hanging piece (Can be whatever you like, but lighter things are easier to hang on the wall)

Rolls of ribbon (How many will depend on how big you make it.)


Hole Punch

Any extras you would like to put on it such as stickers, butterflies and such as seen in the first picture and Glue to attach them if needed.

Time (Depending on how fast you work, start off in an area that you can leave it there until you continue on again)


Have Fun!