These quality advent calenders will create special memories for your family

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Growing up my family had an old advent calendar for the holiday season and it became a focal point for myself and my siblings in the morning.  It helped us channel all the excitement we felt during the holidays with Christmas coming closer.  The countdown it provided for us kids helped my parents avoid the constant questions of how many days will it be until Christmas arrives?  

I have repeated this wonderful tradition with my family and my children look forward to opening up each door on the advent calendar.  They treat it as a special morning event, something they remember throughout the year and look forward to each holiday season.  Everyone gets real quiet and the appointed child opens the door and takes out the surprise inside.  It is like a small Christmas suprise every morning in December.  Keep in mind that your children will not be children for long.  You only have a small window of opportunity to create this kind of magic, the kind of magic they will remember.

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So, I present to you some beautiful wooden advent calendars that will enhance your own  holiday season.  The first one is for anyone with a child that loves trains. Isn't it fantastic?  This train has little box compartments numbered with a day.  You can put a small treat in each box that your little conductor will love!

The Christmas tree advent calendar below is also beautifully made.  Notice all the details decorating the tree.  The tree has numbered boxes of different sizes and shapes within it and you can put treats into those boxes.  Just looking this tree will inspire excitement for the holidays.

I have found that these little boxes are big enough for a piece of candy, but what if you have more than one child?  Of course, you could buy two advent calendars and I am considering that this holiday season because my kids really love this advent calender tradition.  In the past, instead of putting candy in the numbered box I have written a clue on a piece of paper, folded it up and put it in the box.  I'll hide whatever I planned for that morning and the kids will have to follow the clue to find the surprise somewhere in the house.  The difficulty level of the clues have changed since my children have gotten older.  In earlier years I would draw a picture clue but now I can make the clues trickier to figure out.  It becomes a game the whole family is in on and creates a fun holiday tradition.

I hope having an advent calendar will enhance the holidays for your family as it does mine!  Discover the Top Three Pirate Christmas Books or  The Five Most Loved Gifts For Young Children

Thanks for reading!  Leave a comment sharing your favorite Christmas traditions.

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