I have discovered even when I am feeling bad or emotional that a smile and hearty laughter does wonders for me.  I have also observed children are so carefree they will find almost anything to laugh about.  

This baby is so carefree.  This baby gives hearty laughs.

Comedy has played a great role in laughter for people.   I used to wonder why certain people liked certain types of pictures.  For example there are those that like thriller or horror movies.  Then there are others that like romance or maybe even comedy.  I discovered I liked comedy, for the main reason that it makes me laugh.  

My Dog- Fluffy(124177)Credit: Betty Asph

Comedians have discovered that laughter is important.  They make money for doing it too.  Lucile Ball was just one of my favorite comedians.  She was funny in an offbeat sort of way.  I discovered when I watched her picture I could not resist laughing.  I love the picture Everybody Loves Raymond, because Raymond always seems so serious at everything that he does.  I end up laughing because he seems like a little boy in an adult body.   

I recalled one year we had a couple’s night out at our church.  We went to Frankenmuth, Michigan and enjoyed Christian comedy.   The comedian was hilarious and she did keep you laughing.  The great thing about it is that it was nice clean jokes, no cursing, and talking about vulgar things.   I really enjoyed myself.  I believe everyone else that attended enjoyed the night as well. 

Then I recall one year for our Pastor’s Anniversary we celebrated him with standup comedy.  We discovered we had amateur comedians in the midst of our congregation.  The comedians performed in a banquet hall.   Some of them were just naturals too.  It is good to laugh and not always look so serious.  It is good to loosen up and enjoy life. 

Some public speakers will tell a joke before they begin presenting the speech.  Jokes are good because it causes the audience to loosen up and laugh. the audience is sometimes more receptive to the speaker  afterwards. 

I have observed that my pastor sometimes tells a joke before his sermon.  Also, he has often said, “Some are serious Christians.”  He emphasizes smiling and laughing is important and good for you.

smiley Face(124178)Credit: wikipedia.org,,, Pumbaa80,file from wikicommons, public domain

In my article “7 of My Best Pinterest Boards” I talk about my “Just to see you Smile Board.”  I started this board to encourage people to laugh and smile.

Fearless Public Speaking.com talks about adding jokes for public speaking engagements release anxiety for the audience and for the speaker as well.  So that is a win/win situation. 

I have observed that at the beginning of Joel Osteen’s sermons he tells a joke.  Usually that joke is quite funny and does make me laugh.

Hara Estroff Marano of psychologytoday.com emphasized that laughter improves the flow of oxygen to the heart and brain.  He further adds it reduces pain.   I can recall an incident where people were complaining of pain, but after having hearty laughter they exclaimed they forgot about the pain, or the pain went away.   In conclusion, have you had a good laugh today?  Did you smile at someone?