Big Beautiful women (BBW) are common. There are a fair few BBW admirers out there. There are even clubs designed specifically for larger plump women and the men who like some meat on the bone. There are even escort agencies that specialize in having big beautiful women on staff. There are a few common misperceptions and myths about fat women. Here are some of the common myths involving BBW women.

1. Lazy


Many guys and even some skinny women will automatically assume that if a woman is chubby, plump, fat, or obese that she is laze. Fat women are like the rest of us in that there are lazy BBW women but there are also very active BBW women. Just because a woman is fat does not make her lazy. There may be medically conditions that caused her to plump up over time. She may have been prescribed something such as Prednisone steroids from her Doctor. Prednisone can make anybody plump up.

2. Promiscuous


For some reasons a fair few guys, especially younger guys, like to perpetuate the myth that “fat girls are easy”. A BBW girl made be easier to get into bed but it definitely does not mean that all BBW women are promiscuous and easy to bed.

3. Overeaters


For some reason people seem to automatically assume that if a girl is fat then she eats too much. There are fetishes some guys have that involve “feeding”. These guys get off on watching a girl become fat and pig out on food. Fortunately this is a very small minority of women that are involved into the feeding fetish. Just because a girl is fat does not necessarily mean that she eats a lot of food.

4. Hate their Body

Yes it is true that a lot of BBW women hate their body. It is also true that a lot of sexy athletic women also hater their body. Women tend to dislike things about their body regardless of whether they are big or small. Fortunately a lot of women also still take pride in their body and are proud of how they look and this includes a large number of larger women. A lot of fat girls take pride in their body and are able to see themselves as beautiful. Big beautiful women who are fat may want to lose weight for health reasons but many times they are truly happy with how they look.

5. Only Black Guys Like Big Booties!

It seems common to think that only black men like larger women but this is definitely a stereotype. As a whole maybe black guys like meatier women more than white guys but I think a lot of it is perception. There are a ton of white guys who like big butts and flabby bellies on their women. It is just more socially acceptable in some communities for the guys to be able to admit it as opposed to white guys who may feel pressured to only find skinnier women attractive.

 The truth is there are BBW admirers of all colors and ages. BBW women are finding a huge surge of guys who publically come out and admit they like to have some “meat on their women”. What are some myths you have heard about BBW women? Stereotypes are everywhere in our World and it seems like no group is immune to these stereotypes.

There are countless myths associated with things in our World but stereotypes about people can be hard because they can truly hurt people. Why do we continually push stereotypes onto people? Do we simply repeat these myths because we believe they are true? Fat people have feeligns just like every other group does. You should not mock girls for being overweight because you too may get fat.

We need to respect people who may have different looks or views then us. It is time we bust some   myths that we have about people.

Black stereotypes, fat girl stereotypes, and all other groups of people have myths associated with them. It is awful to think that we may be hurting people by reinforcing these myths. Some ethnic groups do have certain habits in common, but saying stuff that is wrong about these groups is simply being ignorant.

In order to dispel these myths and urban legends we as a society need to first read and learn about what is true and not true about certain people. Is it fair to state a blanket statement such as "all fat girls are lazy?" Be nice to people and start doing it today.