Social media has taken over many blogs. Social media is a way to get your content in front of readers when readers aren’t searching for you. You cannot downplay the importance of social media sites as a blogger. Creating a blog post that will spread on social media can bring your content and blog hundreds of thousands of readers. Focusing on what will get you lots of shares on social media is a recipe for success as a blogger.

These are several techniques you can use to make that happen.

a.       Create a post that everyone can follow

A post with the potential to go viral is where you want to begin. Make your post easily usable by the biggest audience possible. As a blogger, write for a newbie, intermediate and veteran readers in your industry. Try and include all of these levels in the same post to create posts that will spread on social media.

 b.      Your post must be complete

There are posts that  that after a reader has completed reading the blog post they are searching for more information. This should not happen with your post. Make certain it is complete.

Believe it or not, this is generally where the small posts created for SEO content only will certainly fail. They don’t include enough information to satisfy the reader. Avoid these posts if you want to spread yours virally.

Answer the question before the reader even thinks to ask it to create posts that will spread on social media.

 c.       Look at a an issue from a different angle or bring a new answer to an old question

It can be difficult depending upon your niche. However, if you happen to be in a niche with supersaturation you definitely want to stand out to go viral. Brainstorm and create a post that will spread on social media with a new position and answer for an old question.

Reading through different posts and articles can help you see what is out there and what you need to produce to differ from the norm will spread on social media.

 d.      Focus on the network you are trying to steer your post to

If you are focusing on one specific social networking site, this may change how you write a post. For an example, if you are writing for news posting site your post will be in this format. Twitter will have a different type of post and so will Facebook.

 e.      Create a mega list

People love lists. They are easy to read, understand and follow. They even look great on paper. Lists are easy to create and follow by all levels of readers listed above, newbies, intermediate and veterans. Lists are also produced quickly. You can create 10 blogs that I hate, 10 blogs that I like, 5 bloggers that are up and coming in the world.

 These are great ways to produce terrific posts that will spread on social media for your blogging success.