Before the advent of digital age, everything has to be done manually. Before, thermometers filled with mercury are being used by health care professionals to get the body temperature. Nowadays, it is already replaced by digital thermometers. Same goes with the Mercury Sphygmomanometer, a device that is used to get the blood pressure reading.

 Since mercury is dangerous to our health, mercury sphygmomanometer and mercury thermometers are currently being disposed by several countries because it imposes great threat and risk for illness and disease. Mercury is actually a volatile liquid, meaning it is very light. In effect, it evaporates immediately. When a person inhales this chemical, it can have a short term or long term effect such as head ache, dizziness, certain forms of cancer and a lot more.

 Replacing sphygmomanometer with mercury comes a better and safer product. This is the digital blood pressure monitor in the market or digital sphygmomanometer.


Being a nurse, I personally recommend digital BP monitors. Why?

  a)  Easy to use. Unlike the conventional, in digital BP, you’ll just put the cuff around you’re arm. Make sure it fits snugly. Press the button and boom! The reading will show on the LCD screen. The process is just a walk in the park.

b) Convenient. The conventional BP apparatus is quite heavy. Some are quite difficult to store. But with digital BP, they are light and easy to store.

c)   Do-it-yourself. You don’t need someone to get your BP reading. You don’t need a nurse nor a physician. You can do it by yourself. You can even teach your family members on how to use it.

d)  Life Saver. Monitor your BP every day. It will save your life from having inevitable stroke or heart attack. It will save you money as well on hospitalization. It is your everyday pal.


This important tool is very vital to every human specially people in the middle adult and geriatric age. We can’t risk another life for hypertension, heart attack and stroke are turncoat diseases.