This is a question that many owners of websites and blogs should consider. There are different turns in the road you can take depending on how you answer this question. Getting more readers or getting more relevant readers depends on several matters, first and foremost is why you built your site or blog.

Did you build your site or blog for business?-more relevant readers

Building the website or blog for business will make relevant readers very critical. If you are selling candy on your site, it would be important to have readers that are interested in purchasing candy. Regardless of how many followers you have you want those that are interested in purchasing candy.

Do you need more followers for your blog or residual income sources?-more readers

If you are getting a lot of your income through residual income sources that rely on views of your site or “click through” of ad content, you will want more readers for more money, not necessarily relevant readers

Do you build blogs and sell them? - more readers

If you are building this blog to sell for profit or because you were contracted to build this blog, more readers are wanted more than relevant readers. When people are searching for how many followers a blog has, they are not interested in whether or not a followers are relevant to the content or not.

Is this your personal blog that you wrote simply for you?-more relevant readers

Personal blogs that are built around your personal life, family and friends as the majority of context would want more relevant readers. Most readers who will follow you are interested in you personally. You are not selling a product or service and the majority of post are not general information, they are personally related to you and your life specifically.

Can you handle more than one site or blog?-more readers and more relevant readers

You could also have multiple sites. For example, you want to write a personal blog but need to make money. Have one site with content for earning or residual earnings and one site for personal content.

These are some different variations of when you would want more relevant readers and when you would want more readers. There are various ways of attracting both found on the internet and different articles that have been written on how to obtain both.

However, consider that more readers may turn into relevant readers also. If you drive your content for attempting to attract more readers you won’t fail. Obtaining more readers will ultimately bring you more relevant readers. Most of the contents on increasing your web traffic are directed toward more readers not necessarily separating the two different distinctions.

As an owner of a site or blog, you can concentrate on getting more readers then separating the two if needed. You will never go wrong with getting more readers regardless of any of the examples listed in this article or whether or not you need relevant readers or simply more readers.