Popular Kitchen Remodeling Floor Plans

Popular Kitchen Remodeling Floor Plans

The efficient u-shape plan is flexible and versatile plan. It will provide you with incredible storage and countertop space on 3 sides that increase effectiveness, however this isn't the ideal plan for dealing with multiple cooks. Popular traffic jams in the kitchen area! One more thing to consider is that you will need to have the standard 8x8 foot space and anything less will not offer the minimum four feet work area that's highly recommended for the center of the space.

The L-shape plan enables 2 workstations. This design is more efficient regarding space than the U-shape plan particularly if the primary workstations are placed near to the blend of the L. The L-shaped plan will not be perfect for smaller kitchen areas and you have to allow sufficient open counter area between the 2 workstations that share the same wall. This will be at the very least 4 feet. Other factors to take into account will be the installation of the workstations that is crucial. The work should flow from the fridge to the sink then to the stove cooktop and serving spot. A perfect eating space will be the spot opposite the bend of the L.

The island plan is undoubtedly a well-known design since it has a freestanding workstation usually including the stovetop or sink. This is clearly an excellent plan for big kitchens where the work triangle is higher than the 26 foot rule that will need that for optimum efficiency. Island plans aren't perfect in kitchens where 2 workstations have to be on opposite walls. The island is a hassle-free area for certain kitchen countertops for example butcher block for cutting up vegetables or marble for rolling out those delicious desserts.

One more idea is a rolling island which can roll outside to your deck or patio while having a guest. When one end of the island is attached to a wall or line of cupboards, this is known as a peninsula plan. The peninsula kitchen features all the flexibility of island plan, however it doesn't need much space. Just like islands, the peninsula plan offers the cook a workstation and a good view instead of just looking towards the wall.

The single wall plan will be usually noticed in small houses, holiday houses and rentals. This floor plan is actually the most space-saving however it's the least effective for the cook. Single wall kitchens are more effective when the sink is within the center next to the fridge and the stove-top. If you've enough space, allow 4 feet of countertop space on each side of the sink.