Mayan Calendar

 All these rumors are all linked to the mayan calendar that stops at the year 2012. Now that people noticed they think that the world will end since the calendar ends at 2012. This is all actually fake just like Y2K when people said the millennium was going to change, and the wold will come to an end. Out of all these fake rumors about the world ending only one is true and that was the cold war everything else is just fake. All of this is usually just another hoax that will come and go as time passes.

 The calendar's said to be very accurate which could be true. Just because the calendar ends at 2012 doesnt mean that the world will end at 2012 it could just be that they stopped at 2012 and just didn't make anymore dates it is after all over 20 millennium old. The truth is that someone probably leaked all this information for publicity. It's quite possible that in 2012 there could be changes in the world like the old world dies a new era emerges.

Why The World Will Not End In 2012

 Like I said before the world will definitely not end in 2012 and it is all just another hoax to get people all worked up about nothing. If the world were to end people would be panicking like crazy now, and scientists would have said something is about to happen like an asteroid or theres lots of seismic disturbance etc. Also if it was going to end why does the government and science keep planning things to come out in 2013 or 2014 when the world will end. Theres also no real evidence that something like that will happen other than the calendar.

 Another important thing is a leap year. When the Mayans were creating their calendar they never included leap years into it. So now that our current calendars have leap years and if we count all those days that the Mayans left off 2012 in their calendar ended somewhere in the start of 2011. Yeah that's very weird since most people don't even realize that it's around the end of 2013 now according to the mayan calendar, but our calendar is on 2012. We all know that if the calendar was right about the world ending we would be dead by now but we are not.

2012 End Of World Image


Future Rumors

 Know that you know about the 2012 hoax you can be certain next time they make another rumor that nothing will happen. It's regular it happened lots of times before, and it is probably going to happen again. The world will not end and even if it did i am very sure God wouldn't be telling everybody about that. So that's my article about 2012 I really hope that you enjoyed it. If you have any questions about this article just leave a comment.