Flash sale sites are websites that offer huge "sales" for a short period of time. They typically offer sales on a limited quantity of product until that product is sold out or the sale ends, usually within 24-72 hours. The products are constantly changed, and rotated depending on the website's inventory. The products are sold at big discounts, many times up to 60-70% off retail price. Some of the most popular flash sale websites are Gilt, Rue La La and No More Rack.  They sell designer fashion brands for less. However, there are flash sale websites that sell all types of products, such as clothing, housewares, gifts, furniture and accessories. Here is a comparison of designer flash sales

How do I use a flash sale website?

You sign up on the flash sale website to become a member of their exclusive sales. Many flash or "private" sale sites as some call themselves, will send you emails when the sales change, or you can check out their website periodically. Many sites have a certain period time everyday when they start new sales, so that you can know when to check out their new inventory! When you see something you like, log on to the website fast and purchase your item! Some of the best deals on popular products can go within minutes, others will stay around for the entire period of the sale.

How can you save money at flash or private sale sites?

Most private sale websites have incentive programs for inviting others to join. These incentive programs can save you money by earning you money! If you invite a certain amount of friends they will give you credits toward your next purchase. For example, invite ten friends and receive a $10 site credit for each friend that joins. That would be $100 for you to spend on items you need! I have seen some sites that offer you $25 credits for inviting friends to sign up. Or sometimes they give incentives for sharing the deals via social media.

In conclusion, find a great flash sale site that suits your needs and taste, monitor the sales, and save money shopping!