I’m Emily, and I wanted to put together an article that would help anyone have fun

easily and cheaply in the Wisconsin Dells, with the help of my dad. I live here and I’ve enjoyed the summer attractions, waterparks and food for 13 years now. I know what’s fun, cheap and easy! I can’t believe I live here and get to do all kinds of fun stuff.

My dad is a musician who performs in the water parks, so i grew up in the waterparks with him, having fun. Weeeee! I go to the attractions while he works. Although i have no professional experience as a travel guide, i do know where the good stuff is. So please enjoy my highly biased opinions!

 Emily’s top ten rides.

1 The Sky Scraper at Timber Falls Very thrilling! It goes 60 miles an hour and spins you around on a long arm! Only for the thrill seeker in you.

2 Dark voyage at Noah’s Ark, because the water is warm!

3 Flash flood at Noah’s I recommend not standing at the bridge, you get splashed in the face by a huge wall of water. Or just hang on! Little kids get thrown!

4  Poseidon’s Rage at Mt. Olympus You can body surf if you get the right angle! (Not allowed however!) And you can see people way above you!

5 Hades at Mt Olympus (The big underground roller coaster) super-fast! When you are underground WATCH THE SHARP CORNERS! (Lots of whiplash)

6 The roller coaster at Timber Falls Try not to flail your head around or you get major whiplash! The volcano in the mini golf part is awesome, and you can play mini golf at two different places too!

7 Boating on the lake (the cheap ones are the “row boats” with the 15 hp engine). You can see AMAZING rock formations and sit on the beaches. Cool!

8 Surfing at the Kalahari Waterpark Don’t try to do a roll, no one made it without practice. Everyone stares at you though. A lot of people get thrown off but it’s always worth a try.

9 Wizard Quest. They just replaced the Dragon. I recommend running shoes. There are many crawl spaces.

10 Knuckleheads ,Bowling at night with cool lights, arcades, and pizza!