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Credit: HernandoJoseAJ ,,cc-by-sa-3.0,via wikimedia commons

In today's age of stress and competition,anything funny is always welcome.Thanks to you tube,we could get our share of laughs from time to time.Here are a few you tube series to tickle your funny bone.

How It Should Have Ended (Hishe)

HISHEdotcom(How it should have ended) is a video channel which consists of animated alternative endings to movies.They mock the movies,autopsy them and give them a completely different ending,which always results in hilarious videos.

The videos are brilliantly done,and more often than not I do think the movie should end the way they suggest!

HISHE-super cafe series

Super Cafe Series is a series of videos set in a  Super Cafe where all the Super heroes hang out.The two main superheroes in the videos are often Batman and Superman.

The Super café scenario also extends to HISHE videos on Super hero movies.Batman and Superman could be found discussing their movies after their movie trailers,with Batman always finding ways to use "Because I am Batman!" in a sentence. 

The above video is a selected one chosen from Super Cafe series.A youtube user has compiled all of Super café videos into one video which you can watch below.

It is a little over 18 minutes,but it is  well worth your precious time.


I just came to know about BriTaNicK a few days ago,and I am glad I did.The brainchild of Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher,this channel consists of some of the most funniest things you will ever see.

Sketches like "Academy Award Winning Movie Trailer" are perfect in every way imaginable.


Honest Trailers-Screenjunkies

Honest Trailers are the only reason I have subscribed to screenjunkies channel on youtube.I have no interest in the Screen junkies show,I just wait for my honest trailer fix every other Tuesday.

They absolutely rip movies into shreds.Very hilarious,honest trailers are something you must watch.

The narrator has a particularly awesome voice.They even devote some time in the videos where the narrator says things people want him to say via the comment section.


College Humor-Badman

While the more famous college humor series would be Hardly working and/or Jake and Amir,my absolute favorite is Badman(College Humor's version of Batman).

While Nolan's version of Batman was extremely dark,in these videos Batman is a little dumb,struggles to keep his identity a secret and meets his arch enemies with extremely hilarious consequences.

 It is one of the best things ever uploaded to Youtube.Its a real shame they only made 10 videos of this.