Requirements For Being A Game Tester

If you are looking for a legitimate game tester job that you can do working from home, they are out there.  For people who love games, this can be a very exciting career earning them upwards of $30,000 annually according to also states that the requirements of being a game tester is as follows: 

  • Education: Some programming, 3D Animation and Game Art as well as Design
  • Skills Would Include: Intermediate level hardware and software knowledge and possible membership with the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). 

Ofcourse these are just general requirement and each individual company will have their own separate requirements. However, these are a good guide to help you get an idea of what the general requirements are or could be for getting a good paying game testing job. 

Although it may appear that testing games all day would be a fun career, there are some people who may find it tedious and thus it may impact their job performance.  For people who are addicted to playing video games, this may not be a very smart career choice as it may make the problem worse which may cause problems in both your business and personal relationships.  It's similar to someone having a problem with alcohol electing to work at a bar. Gaming addiction is a very real addiction and should be taken seriously.

What is the Difference Between Game Testers and Beta Game Testers?

If you are thinking of become a game tester, you need to understand that there are game testers that get paid, and game testers that are essentially volunteers.  Beta game testers usually don't get paid for their services. They may get promotional items in exchange for their services but they won't get any cold, hard cash.  

Gamer Testers on the other hand get paid for their services and that pay can be very lucrative depending on where that person works or who they contract with.  Game testing is a very legitimate profession but it is very hard to get into. Think about it, who wouldn't want to get paid to play video games and test them out all day?  

If you are looking to get a paid position as a game tester, being a beta game tester may be a good stepping stone into that paid position. As long as you understand that beta game testers don't get paid (usually).

How Do I Find Legitimate Game Tester Jobs Online?

There are legitimate websites online where you can find game testing jobs.  They are well hidden and are a dime a dozen but they do exist. You can also try to find some jobs that are currently available. You can also check who lists game testing jobs on their website. Although is a trust source for jobs and job information, you should always research each company you are interested in testing for to make sure they are legitimate. Other sources of game testing jobs include websites such as and come is a very legitimate source of job information, however, like which is another job listing site, you should always make sure you do your homework and check out the company yourself. 


What Other Information Can Help Me Become A Full-Time or Part-Time Game Tester

There are a few good books that give great detail on the path to becoming a successful game tester. Here are a few books that can help you in the field.  These books are available on Amazon in paperback form or in Kindle form and can be easily obtained.  If you are serious about entering the game testing industry you should have a few good books that detail the process on your bookshelf.

Game Testing Second Edition, Charles SchultzCredit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)How to Become a Game TesterCredit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)How to Be a Game Tester: Make Big Money Playing Games!-Kindle EditionCredit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)

Get an Internship With A Company That Produces Games

A smart way to become a professional game tester is to get an internship  with a gaming company.  You will have to volunteer your time for a little while, but this is one of the best ways to get a legitimate game testing job working on site or from home.  Game companies usually don't like to give out their secrets while the game is in beta stage so someone who works for the company or volunteers for the company may have a better chance getting those prized game testing position than someone who is not affiliated with the company.  Whether you are in the gaming industry or not, getting an internship or a volunteer position is usually always a good way to break into a company.  This way it gives you the opportunity to know what and who you are dealing with or "feel them out," and they get the chance to "feel you out," so they know that you are a good worker who can be trusted. If you need to learn how to get game internships, you can also check Amazon or another established bookstore or even your local library may have come good books and reference material that can get you started. Here is a sample book from Amazon:

How to Find Video Game Internships: Premium Contacts & Strategies for Launching Your Video Gaming Career (Entertainment Power Players® "How To" Series)Credit: (Please see buy now link on the main page)


As stated above, game testing can be a very rewarding, fun and lucrative career IF you can get in and find a good position. Many aspiring game testers do lose confidence because the industry is so hard to get into and it can get quite frustrating.  This category of work from home jobs just like many other work from home job opportunities are plastered with scams and scam artists.  So it is very hard to find legitimate sources unless it is from an insider which is why getting a good book on the industry and how to get in is so very important so you can avoid scams. Regardless of hard it is to get into, if this is your passion, you should not lose hope-you may have to jump through a few extra hoops or work for free for a little while before you can get a paying position but most of the people who get a good gig from game testing-love it.