Google Adwords is a program that allows people to make advertisements and post them all across the web. Google Adwords has made many tools, including a keyword tool, to help people find out information. On the Google Adwords Tool, you can learn many things about a keyword, such as how many people are searching using that keyword, every day and every month. You can find out how many people are looking for it locally or globally. You can also find out the level of competition for advertising space, is associated with the keyword. In this article, I will show you how to use the Google Adwords Keyword tool.


You don't have to be just an advertiser to use the tool, many website owners and operators use the tool to help them pick topics to write about. If you need a topic to write about or are just interested in statistics, the Google Adwords tool can help you. Here is an instance of when I used it.

I needed to find a topic to write about, so I made a list of potential topics and than wrote searched them using the Adwords tool. I found out that some of the topics were less popular than I had thought and some of them were more popular, I also found out that some of the topics were in the middle, and just what I needed. Using this tool I saved myself a lot  of time and money. If I had picked a popular topic with a lot of competition, I might have to spend 1000's of dollars in the future trying to get traffic to it. Since I picked a topic with medium competition, I had a much better time finding traffic. I also found out which keywords to target. I discovered that more people search for Dirt bikes than dirt biking, this subtle difference in keywords made a huge difference. When picking a topic, look at keywords tha relate to your topic, you may find that there is a certain keyword that is being undervalued. Whenever I pick a title to name an article I write, I always check to see how many people search for it in Google using the tool. I may find that if I can change just a few words, I can target a much bigger audience. If you plan on making money online, than I would recommend spending the extra time and researching your titles and topics. Just one word could make the difference between making and losing money.

 On top of using the Adwords tool for picking topics, you can also use it for advertising. When creating an advertising campaign you can use the tool to help you decide, at what price you want to list your ads. This was why the tool was originally made in the first place, to help people start advertising campaigns. By using the tool, you can find out which keywords to target to make the most effective ad. The Google Adwords tool is free, but for Adwords members, Google adds a couple of more features. These features might not seem to make a difference but it does. knowing a little more information is the difference between making and losing money. If you plan on using the Adwords tool a lot, than I would advise, making an account. The accounts are free to create.

  Using the tools available, you can make smarter decisions, whether it's in a paid advertising campaign or a free blog, everyone can get something out of the Google Adwords tool.