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If you travel to Goa, India, don’t forget to go see the Harvalem Waterfall, which is located close to the village of Sanquelim village about seven kilometers away. It is near the Harvalem caves, which can also be a good spot to see after you view the waterfall.

The waterfall is famous and has been used in several Hollywood movie scenes. Maybe you would like to film yourself under this very same Harvalem Waterfall and tell your friends you shared the same movie local as your favorite Holliday star!

Hindu Temple Offers Worshipers A Serene Local

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There is also a religious temple known as Rudreshwar nearby down the road from the waterfall. The temple is where the Hindus celebrate the release of the soul, which they believe happens 12 days after someone dies.

You can see the waterfall if you stand on the Rudreshwar temple steps. There is also a government park area nearby where you can view the waterfall if you so desire when you come to the area on a Goa vacation.

What is the Harvalem Waterfall?

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The Harvalem Waterfall, also called the Arvalem Waterfall, comes down from the mountain top at 50 meters up. At the bottom of the falls is a large lake where you can take a swim. But take caution because the lake has a strong current and is best for strong swimmers. There is a barrier constructed there for your protection.

It is a beautiful area for tourists on holidays to Goa, India to come to relax and have a picnic or just enjoy the beauty and serenity. There is also fruit trees growing nearby that are full of coconuts, bananas, and bread fruit.

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It’s said that the best time for people who travel to Goa, India to come see the Harvalem Waterfall is when it is monsoon season has ended, as during the monsoon season there is less water flowing from the falls. Even in that state, the waterfall is still beautiful and the area is a great place to view.

Of course, you can still come during any season that you like and see this and many of the other wonders of Goa such as their caves, markets, beaches and temples. There is a wide variety of these and other fun things to do and see when you come here to see the Harvalem Waterfall as Goa is a very popular honeymoon location.

Taking A Goa Vacation

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If reading about the Harvalem Waterfall has made you want to come to Goa on your next holiday, then you will want to know how to get here and where to plan your visit. It’s easy to do this online at one of the many vacation planning websites.

Some of these even specialize in Goa trips and offer all inclusive type adventures complete with your travel arrangements, hotel arrangements, tours, food, entertainment and all you need to enjoy a fun and exciting trip to Goa, India.