Where To Sell Your Pick Up Truck To Get The Most Money Out Of It

Pickup truck owners are only part of the total automotive owners out in the market place. If you want to get top dollar when selling a used truck , you need to advertise your truck in places that people looking to buy a pickup truck are likely to look.

As an example, if you just park your truck out front if your house and put a for sale sign on it, do you think you will get top dollar? Maybe you luck out and a buyer just happens see your truck and is willing to pay your selling price . Highly unlikely.

There are four really good options for selling a truck online that you can target buyers that are interested in trucks and willing to pay top dollar to buy one. By using these options, you can find buyers for just about any part of the country that will be wanting to buy a truck and there are companies the can be used for shipping that truck to you.

The first option will cost you, but most likely the higher selling price will more than cover the cost. Selling your pickup truck on eBay is going to put your truck in front of the most prospective buyers possible. eBay has many systems in place that protect both the buyer and seller that many people feel very comfortable using these option. As a seller, you will get your truck seen by a lot of buys and with the bidding platform, you may get a price higher than you ever expected. With the reserve price feature, if the truck doesn't sell for your price, you are just out the listing fees which are probably cheaper than a local newspaper ad.

The next option is free but not as effective as eBay. You can place a photo ad on Craigslist for free. Depending on the size of the local market, you may or may not reach large group of potential buyer. There are a few tricks that you can use that can really super charge this method.

Remove and relist your ad ever few days to keep it at the top of the listings. Craigslist now has an option that allows you to do this after so many days but not everyday.

List it in a larger city or area than your local market and list it in multiple locations. (you need to changing up the wording of each ad to avoid the filters that keep you from doing this)

Include a link to the listing on another site.

Try to list your lifted truck on the weekend when buyers are off work. A good time is late Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Another free option is to post a lifted truck for sale on a forum on trucks, lifted trucks , 4 x 4 trucks or mud trucks. You will be reaching people that may be potential buyers.

The final option is similar to using forums. Some web sites focused on  pickup trucks, lifted trucks, 4 x 4 trucks or mud trucks may have pages devoted to posting lifted trucks for sale that allow you to list your used truck for free. Submit as detailed as possible ad of your truck and a picture and they will post it for free. You can then post a link to a Craigslist ad and will have targeted traffic  and local traffic from Craigslist, which will get your truck lots of views from potential buyers.

If you use the vast market and power of the Internet, you can get top dollar out of your used pickup truck. I hope that this answers your question of " How Can I Get The Most Money When Selling My Used Pickup Truck?"