Every fellow smoker that I have come across has one common symptom while they attempt to quit smoking. Everyone is always thinking about smoking while trying not to smoke.  It’s the smoker’s catch-22 and almost impossible to escape whenever your mind has a chance to slow down or take a break from your daily activities.  The solution?  Take your mind off of it right.  That is certainly easier said than done.

The best way to do this is to replace that bad habit with something else.  Don’t go towards another bad habit, but instead replace that smoking habit with something that will improve your life.  Here are some great suggestions to keep both your body and mind busy to help kick that habit.

  1. Geocaching – This is a great outdoor activity that can involve the whole family.  This fast growing activity involves a community in which people put together a small package of miscellaneous items with a log of some sort.  These packages can range from a very small package to a very large one.  Just be sure to take plenty of water and it makes it much easier if you have a GPS system such as a smart phone.  If you don’t have a GPS system, just start with a point from your computer and begin exploring to find the desired package.  A great start would be to visit www.geocaching.com.
  2. Couponing – If you want to increase your savings beyond buying those expensive habit sticks, you can cut out coupons for your weekly shopping trip.  I have personally met people who have gone the extreme side of this hobby and walked away with a month’s worth of groceries and the store would end up owing them money.  Now, this is the extreme side of it but it is possible to cut back on your grocery bill, which is more money in your pocket.  There are people who offer classes on their expertise in this.  A great start would be to just buy a newspaper and start.  There is no better way to learn than to begin.
  3. Car maintenance – This is another way to broaden your horizons.  Many people would rather pay a mechanic to do their regular maintenance and have no idea what is wrong with their vehicle once it breaks down.  Some general car knowledge can benefit everyone especially when an emergency situation arises.  I don’t suggest that you have to know everything about a vehicle. Who knows, maybe you can gain enough knowledge that you can start to build that dream car that you always wanted.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can help out your rollercoaster of quitting smoking.  There are plenty of other ways to help you to stop smoking, but these are some great starts.  Good luck, and always remember the main reason of why you are quitting.