Teaching  your child to read is a difficult task to perform especially if you are new to parenting  and don't  yet have the knowledge and skills of how to do it. Indeed, it takes a lot of hard work and patience, but also a rewarding job at the end seeing your child beginning to read the words. If you are a stay home mother, this task would be easier since you can directly supervise the child and have plenty of time to make the task fun and easy to do. With simple steps and techniques, helping your son or daughter to read is very exciting.

  • Read to your child everyday: make it a habit to read to your child as early as 6 months old to help him or her getting familiar with sounds. Reading with your child everyday helps him recognize the words spoken and widens his vocabulary. Reading with your child while sitting on your lap is a good way of bonding together while teaching your kid how to read. This will also help the child to develop his love for books and reading stories.
  • Point the words as you read them: when teaching your child how to read, it is important to point out the words as you read it aloud. Use short story books with pictures so that the child has an idea what you are reading about. Read aloud the word while pointing it so that the child will recognize the word and the sounds it make. For example, when you read the word "dog" you say "doo-ooog".
  • Teach the child one letter at a time: rather than teaching the child all the letters at once, it is often good to teach your child the letters one at a time. Concentrate on teaching the child to identify the letter and the sounds it makes one at a time. This will help the child to memorize the structure of the letter and how the letter sounds. Never over-fill the child with letters since children easily get fed up when given too much at once. Be patient with your child and never force him to learn when he is not into it.
  • Provide alphabet charts in your child's room: children are interested in learning when they see pictures. Alphabet charts in your child's room helps him to memorize the letters quickly. Don't forget to hang it at an eye level for the child to see it easily.
  • Incorporate teachings with games: take the advantage of using games while learning new lessons. A child's attention is easily captivated when they are exposed with games. Use two sets of flashcards for this game, one for you and put down the other on the floor. Let the child guess what letter you are holding by telling him to look for the right one on the floor. Once the child gets the right card, give him a token of appreciation for guessing it correctly. Always acknowledge the child's achievement so that he gains confidence for next time.

Teaching toddlers and preschoolers to read can be tough at times, but nothing is more rewarding than seeing your child learning how to read words. Simple techniques such as these are a big help to make the task easier for you and the child. Make sure to make the lessons short to prevent the child from getting bored or distracted.