When I was still young, I thought that my eczema will just heal by itself not until I got older. I had to face the fact that there is no cure for it. When they emerge, I always have them on my fingers but somehow I was able to live through it by managing the symptoms effectively every time it occurs. I want to share some important lifestyle changes that I was able to make that helped me effectively managed the symptoms.

Eczema is a skin condition which affects the various parts of the body that shows crusty, chalky and dry irritated skin. It's not infectious, and somehow could be hereditary in nature. People who belong to families that have a history of asthma are usually affected by eczema.

The environment may also cause eczema as well as an allergic reaction inside the human body. Eczema could occur once the immune system becomes exposed to allergens and may come out on the hands, feet or face. When they will show on the face, it's dificult to hide nor cover them with make up since they may irritate the skin and may only aggravate the condition. 

Difficulty: Moderate


Things you'll need:

  • Enriched moisturizing lotion
  • Soaps free of scent, very mild and non-drying
  • Humidifiers
  • 100% pure cotton clothing and bath towels
  • Stress free environment

1. The first and most important thing for you to do is to avoid stress. You can tremendously reduce eczema flare-ups that will create a vicious cycle if you can minimize the stress in your life. Try to think positive most of the time and be happy with what you have. Try to eat nutritious foods and get enough sleep too.

2. Eczema can make your skin dry and itchy. You will always need an enriched moisturizing lotion to maintain your skin's moisture that will prevent it frombecoming so dry which results to cracking. Try to find a moisturizer that doesnot irritate your skin and drink plenty of fluids to keep skin well hydrated.

3. Limit your contact with soaps, perfumes, cosmetics, detergents, cleaners,chemicals, some fabrics, animals and other things that will cause irritation on your skin. These are few examples depending on your skin sensitivity that you need to consider.

Be careful of the ingredients for products that are found inthe market. Those labeled 'hypoallergenic' means they don't contain potentially irritating ingredients and are considered good for you but products that contain preservatives or fragrances may cause irritation on your skin so take note.

4. Have an air humidifier in different parts of the house if you live in a place where humidity is low. Avoid extreme changes in temperature that can cause sweating and overheating. Remember that a sudden loss of humidity can dry out your skin immediately which can cause itching.

Always apply an enriched and dermatological approved lotion every time your skin becomes dry. Bring a lotion every time you go out if it will take more than a few hours.

5. Cut your fingernails short so that it can help you avoid damage from unconscious scratching. Try to avoid using a nail polish. Use a cold compresson itchy areas to lessen inflammation and itchiness.

6. Try to put a lot of lotion on your fingers with eczema then use cotton gloves at night to help moisturize your skin while your sleeping.

7. Be careful when bathing. You should have short and frequent baths everyday and only use lukewarm water. Over bathing and using hot water can both easily irritate, damage and dry out your skin.

Soaps should be free of scent,very mild and non-drying. Use bath towels made of 100% pure cotton. Gently pat your skin partially dry with a towel after every shower and apply moisturizer. Friction will irritate your skin that shall lead to flare-ups so also avoid things like loofahs, facial and skin scrubs, etc.

8. Purchase a product that contains 100% purest Lanolin. One product sample that can heal, soothe and protect dry cracked skin such as eczema is Lansinoh. It is hypoallergenic and completely natural that is why it's safe for babies too. Lansinoh is generally used for breastfeeding mothers who are experiencing sore nipples but it can also be used to heal the skin for those people with eczema.

As much as possible, try to avoid using Elidel and Protopic even if they are FDA-approved creams since other eczema sufferers are concerned about the possiblity of having cancer. These creams could have a possible cancer risk with regards to their usage that is why doctors generally prescribe Elidel and Protopic in a short-term use only after other accessible eczema treatments have failed in adults and children ages 3 and up. These strong creams should never be used in toddlers under age 2.

Tips & Warning:

Use loose fitting and 100% pure cotton clothing as much as possible. Try to avoid clothing made with wool, synthetic blends and very cheap fabrics that can feel rough against the skin. Remember that there are types of clothing that can truly trigger eczema outbreaks.

Infants can also suffer from eczema and their itchy rash may produce an  crusting and oozing condition that appears mainly on the face. It is important to wash newly bought clothes and bedding before wearing and using them to remove excess dyes as well as chemicals. Always use a mild detergent that won't cause irritation on the skin.

Avoid wool and other synthetic fabrics for your sensitive and itchy skin. Only use the mildest gentle lotion and cut your nails short. Wash the sheets, pillowcases and quilts regularly and never let pets stay on the bed and into the room. 

Eczema is usually always itchy whatever part of the skin is affected and sometimes the itching may start before those rashes will show. When you have tremendous eczema outbreaks especially on your fingers, there are some things that you can't do until it heals. 

Try to avoid the various allergens that may only irritate your skin such as dust allergen, animal dander, and exposure to strong detergents and cleansing products, etc.  Always keep your skin from being dry and remember to apply moisturizers regularly.

The affected skin areas may generally look very thickened, dry or scaly. The affected areas could initially look like pink to red and will turn into brown for people with fair skin while it could be lighter or darker for those with darker skin.