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Online Internet Cloud Backup ServiceCredit: javrsmithWhat are the most important things on your computer? For most, it is their photographs, digital images and electronic documents. These items are often impossible to replace. Perhaps you took pictures of your newborn child, your departed loved ones, and more. You may have fascinating or stunning images. Your photos and documents are very important, if not valuable. You should protect all of your digital files at all times. How can you do this easily and quickly? You can sign up for a cloud server backup utility such as Just Cloud.
 What is a Cloud Server?
 It is a centralized computer platform that provides various abilities to remote users. One such ability is online backup. Users obtain an account which allows the cloud server to automatically backup the photographs, images and files, saving them to the cloud. Cloud backup servers are connected to users via the Internet. Since most modern computers have fast network connections to the Internet, online backups over the Internet are quite fast.
 Just Cloud Backup Service
 Just Cloud provides an online backup service that is hard to beat. Users can signup for a free account in order to try out the utility. The free account includes sufficient cloud server space to backup many of the most vital files. Just Cloud makes the process very easy. Registered users install an application which identifies specific folders or files to be backed up.
 What is the Catch?
 Luckily, there is none. Free accounts on Just Cloud work perfectly well. With one, you can specify quite a number of files to be backed up automatically. When you update them, they are automatically backed up again. If you lose your files, you can retrieve them with ease. You can try out the service, and see the usefulness of it. In time, you may find that you need more space for your precious files. Just Cloud free accounts can be upgraded to premium levels that increase the online backup space. There is even a level that offers unlimited disk space. These upgrades incur a reasonable charge per month. The choice is yours, however. Use the free account for evaluation or for a relatively small level of online backup protection. Later, you can choose to upgrade to one of the premium service levels. Secure data protection using Just Cloud is available for less than $100 per year. Compare that to the value of your digital photographs, (priceless).
 Using Just Cloud to Share Files
 With either the free online backup account, or one of the premium levels, users can share their files with friends or across all of their devices. This means that you can backup your files from your desk machine and later review them on your laptop or your mobile device. You can also enable a trusted friend to view your files as well. This feature is made possible by the "cloud" nature of the service. Because Just Cloud is Internet based, any device with an Internet connection can access the service. You can login to the service using your account on any of your devices. You can authorize your friends as you see fit. This feature works well and uses strong security measures to protect your shared files.
 Using Just Cloud to Backup Multiple Computers
 The online backup service is designed to completely protect your primary computer. Since many people regularly use more than one computer, they may wish to use Just Cloud to automatically backup each of their devices. This is easily accomplished with the addition of a license for each of the relevant computers. Luckily, the cost for each additional computer is available at a discount.
 Your Files are at Risk
 Every computer is an electrical device which can fail. Important photographs and files are usually stored on hard disk drives. These are highly specialized mechanical devices. While they usually offer many years of perfect service, accidents do happen. Electrical spikes can render disks useless. As well, computers are at risk due to fire, theft and general software faults that affect disk contents. Every computer should have a backup plan. In the past, this involved the copying of files to many, many diskettes, and later to writable CD or DVD disks. Now the speed of the Internet allows for very quick online backup services, such as Just Cloud, to protect systems. This is the pinnacle of computer protection but it does come at a price, (the free account excepted). Other strategies include the addition of a separate backup disk drive in the computer. This approach works but does not address the risk, however small, of the computer being stolen or destroyed in place. A new backup disk does not offer substantial financial savings, either. The price of such devices is quite reasonable, of course, but the premium Just Cloud account is cheaper still. Of course, the online backup account is a regular yearly fee. The additional backup disk drive is a one time purchase, unless something damages it as well.
 Recovering From a Disk Failure
If you have ever had a disk failure, you understand the difficulty involved in recovering your files. First, you need to set up a new computer, or replace the failed component. You then need to restore your valuable files. If you have backed up your files well, the copying of your files back onto your repaired system works. What if you don't have a recent backup? Perhaps you perform manual backups from time to time. Any file that you have not saved is lost. Think about what that means. You could lose recently taken photographs that cannot be replaced. If your backup was performed some time ago, perhaps you could lose dozens of files. In fact, any file that is not backed up is at risk. Computer failures, while rare, do happen and many people suffer severe file losses. You don't need to be one of them. Sign up for a Just Cloud free online backup service account today and protect your files. Try out the service and then select those premium upgrades that make sense for you. Be safe. Backup your files!