Whether you have your own website, a social networking site that supports HTML code like MySpace, or a blog you can add your own pictures and images to the website for your visitors to see. But just throwing up a bunch of different sized photos all over the page can make it look cluttered and make it slow to load. But a scrolling photo gallery can allow you to display photos on your website in an organized and sleek manner. Many scrolling photo gallery inserts even allow your visitors to zoom in on photos, skip through them, or slow down the scrolling to view at their own pace.


The easiest way to put scrolling photos on your website is to get a scrolling images code from one of the many free sites that let you upload your photos for display. You’ll first need to start a free account at a photo website such as Flickr and begin uploading the photos you want to use on your website and display in a scrolling box.


Next you’ll need to browse your new photo account for the option to generate or get HTML code that lets you embed a good looking scrolling photo gallery application right onto your blog or website. You’ll be able to choose some or all of your photos uploaded to the online photo account. 


Once you’ve chosen the photos and generated the code you’ll want to copy and paste the entire section of HTML code (labeled as such when generated) into your own blog or website. The easiest way to do this is to launch your word processor like Word or Pages and copy and paste the code exactly as it appears into a new document.

Then you’ll want to go and log into your website management website, social networking page, or blog account and go into the editing section. Once logged in and editing the text, find a good section to embed your photo scrolling gallery and copy and paste the code from the word processor document directly into the section of your site or blog where you want it to appear. For example you might want it to appear in the “About Me” section of your website. Depending on the photo website generating the code you may be asked to insert data such as the desired height and width of the scrolling photo gallery in the associated text boxes.

Make sure you save the changes and you'll be able to see scrolling images of your favorite photos right on your blog or website!