Paint color combinations are going to allow you to put together an entire color palette. This can be a little bit difficult for the novice decorator. In fact, it might even be the reason why you don't decorate with bold colors. You might be afraid that the color is just going to be too strong or you don't know what to match it with.

You're going to need a metallic for your interior color scheme. You can just go with more of a mixed color palette. The old adage was that you weren't supposed to mix metallics. However, it's a trend that we are seeing in fashion and usually when something appears in fashion the decorating world isn't that far behind.

One tip to mix metallics is going to be to bring in a gilded piece or an aged mirror. These will both usually contain a lot of gold and silver. This is going to save you a ton of money on the rest of your accessories because then you're not going to have to replace every light fixture and door knob, even if they are different tones.

Paint color combinations allow you to put several colors together that normally wouldn't match. Right now batik style fabrics are very popular. You can also find more modern versions of tapestry that use all of the bright colors but just in a flat piece of fabric instead of having a lot of embroidery. This is going to bring in a lot of colors to choose from. You could use it to recover a computer desk chair in a kids’ rooms and then you'll have a rainbow palette to choose form.

You can also go with subtle inspiration pieces. This could just be a topiary if you want a traditional or a French country kind of theme. This is going to use urns or a terra cotta pot. These warmer tones work well with warmer wall colors such as a brighter yellow. However, if you want to stay within the elegant look then bring in sage painted furniture as well as worn wood beams and neutral walls. In fact you could even use the sage green as an unusual nursery color because it will have a little bit more gray in it. This will be more sophisticated than most pastel tones that we usually see in this room.

If you can't find the right inspiration piece then you're going to have to make your own.   Decorative balls in accent bowls are a very popular accessory. You can do this yourself with a variety of papers. This gives it a collage kind of effect and you might need to use decoupaging mediums.

If you're having trouble matching a variety of colors together then go with a specific theme. Choose a theme with tons of color like the Southwest kind of design style. This is going to use a lot of mosaic on everything from tables to backsplashes. Look closely at the grout because this can be the neutral color for your space. This brings in a lot of tones that would otherwise seem very juvenile.