There are lots of job seekers who wished they were more prepared for answers to even the most basic or trickiest questions that may be asked of them. There are also things they have wished they had asked at the interview.  Having no questions  is not a good idea.


Interview Questions
  • Is it required to work weekends or evenings?

If you don’t ask this question and you don’t want to work weekends, you will get stuck in a job that will make you unhappy.  If you are already turning employment down that requires evenings or weekends, than it doesn’t matter if you ask this question.  An employer should disclose this upfront but some will not.  Getting railroaded into a position like this is frustrating and unfair.


  • Are there any other position duties that are not listed that I should be aware of?

It’s become a trend that once you get the job, other duties become necessary, even though, they do not meet the requirement description.  If you sign a contract, there may be a phrase that says “ and any other duties not outlined”. This is not unusual to see but some employers use this to deceive employees.  Maybe you didn’t realize you would have to run errands everyday with no reimbursement? Whatever it is that gets added which was not mentioned may become a sore point eventually.


  • Will my job duties be changing in the near future?

This is just another way of asking the same question as above and there is no harm in asking it at an interview.  You have the right to know if an employer is not disclosing the full job details. That doesn’t mean they will be truthful with you but at least you were smart enough to ask.


  • Is this a permanent position? Especially if the industry you are in has a high and low time.

If you are applying in an industry that has very heavy work periods and some slow ones as well than you will know that it’s always possible to lose your job after the heavy work season. Some employers will disclose this and others will not.  If you really need the job no harm in taking a possible temporary job but if you can’t handle this, stay away from these types of industries.



Keeping quiet at job interviews when you could be asking valuable information that may shed some more light on what type of job that you applied for, will only hurt your opportunity potential.

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