Kidney Disease

Kidney Treatment

One would say that so many factors are responsible for the rising incidence of kidney diseases.  But one can also witness that their is a rapid increase in diagnosis now, more than we used to have in the past.  One of the commonest causes of chronic renal failure is hypertension also known as systematic chronic hypertension. I can tell you that about 30 percent of people above the ages of 50 years in developing nations are probably hypertensive.

The issue of high hypertension in developing nations is getting higher. Because most patients who have hypertension are not well treated in these developing nations, they are not well-evaluated because a lot of people who are hypertensive don’t go for medical check-up.  Hypertension is a silent killer and it brings a lot of complications. peoples in developing country's don’t seem to care if they are hypertensive or not and even when they know they are, some hardly follow-up on the treatment.

That is deadly. Then, some of the people who have been diagnosed to have hypertension cannot afford the treatment. Hypertension requires that you take the treatment everyday, usually for life and the drugs are very expensive to afford in most of these countries.

Hypertensive drugs?
Well, there is variety of drugs for hypertension. The cheaper ones have more side-effects than the expensive ones. Now, if you give the patients the expensive drugs, they cannot afford it. But if you give them the cheap ones, they have a lot of complications and it affects the males more than the females.

It brings about erectile dysfunction and kills a man’s libido. And when they discover this, most of these male person's abandon the drugs. The other thing is that majority of the drugs used for hypertension are fake. A lot of hypertension drugs are being smuggled into these developing country's because there are no legal and functional medical bodies or organization that are been established in most of these country's to regulate and checkmate the importations of drugs into their country. And this makes it easier for fake or expired. Drugs to be smuggle and imported into these countries easily. So, these are some of the reasons we have increase in chronic renal failure in most developing countries in the world.  The other thing that increases the rate of kidney diseases is the use of bleaching cream by both women and men. These days men also bleach and use of bleaching cream can increase rise in renal failure.

The Foods We Eat Also Affect
well, other foods eaten on daily basis can contribute and that is why these days, we tend to control what we eat. These days, it is advisable to stay away from fried foods, packaged foods, carbohydrates and processed meals. We like to be in air-conditioned places: cars, homes, bedrooms, offices and that is not too good. Room temperature is the best and we should be aware because these can help accelerate the problems.

But children are also increasingly getting affected?
In the case of children, we found out that when children have kidney diseases, it is due to other things. You’d found out that children have been exposed to some form of infections. Some throat infections, when they happen, the child may not even know about that or may ignore it. Some people don’t treat malaria in their children very well and these can bring about other diseases. It depends on how much they recover fully from these diseases or the untreated infections keep eating the inside and causing other things.

Some children are also born with abnormal genes which affect the kidney functions, that is, hereditary diseases. In such cases, you cannot change the genes but you can evaluate the children with the aim of preventing the retrogression in a more serious form.