Target to a Sharing Audience

You want to consider your audience and their ability to spread the word about you. The information you provide needs to be good enough that they will want to share it. Use good videos, excellent articles, amazing pictures, and other content people can relate to. The more targeted your information is the more people will share it. Write your content for those that you know will share your message with others. If you provide the information and people get excited about it then they will share it so write and produce great content and it will get you noticed

Great Site Design

You need a website that looks great and is easy to navigate for your users. You need to be as professional as possible or people will click away and find someone else. Use a modern design with the newest web technologies if possible. Make your design prove to your audience that your site is something special and they will stay to read your message. Use a high budget if you can afford it. You want to have a site that looks great.


Subscriptions via A Feed and Email

When you have people visit your site you want them to come back and check you out a second time. There’s a high chance that most people won’t be back to see you as they are probably too busy to care. Try an RSS feed with Feedburner and put some buttons on your sidebar. You can get people interested in you to sign up to your feed or by email. Sites such as Wordpress have plugins which make this easy for you to do. Once you get subscribers check and see what they are looking at on your site. This will help you design content for your site.

Make SEO Friendly Content for your Site

You need SEO content to take advantage of the search engines. Use great writing centered on good SEO words for your site. There are billions of searches on Google each day and you need to take advantage of these searches with your SEO practices as a blogger or website owner. Make good SEO content not the spam that you typically see online.

Share Posts with Social Media and to Connect

Social media is a very powerful tool for websites and blogs. These places are attracting new users daily who spend a lot of time on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. You need to take advantage of these users as they can help spread the message about you to their friends very quickly. Be sure to register at these social media sites and establish your brand on them as soon as possible if you haven’t done so already. Use photographs and good descriptions about your website. Connect with your users and start sharing; this can really increase your overall traffic numbers.

Analyze and Watch the Results

You need a good analytics program for your website or blog such as Google Analytics. These programs can tell you all about your visitors and can help you with future designs for your site as well as content. You can see where your traffic is coming from, what pages people look at and how you can improve your site overall. This can show you where to put your marketing dollars and what’s just not working well for your site and which pages aren’t getting any traffic flow. The analytics can show you if your website is succeeding or if it needs more work.

Be a Participant in Communities Where You Have an Audience

Your audience is on the web so visit communities where they will be. If you own a gaming website for example then visit gaming blogs, chat rooms and other areas where your website users will be located. Visit social media communities other websites and start your own blogs and forums with your subject. Funnel the traffic to your main website or blog. Don’t spam your links but make them a natural part of conversations. People will find you and you’ll get more traffic in the process.