Tips That Make Cents

     Are you are new to Infobarrel?  Do you enjoy writing,  but wondered where to share your ideas? Many beginners spend precious time searching the web for places to write.  We look for a  site with  followers and one with a potential to earn money.  If you've landed at InfoBarrel,  don't search  further.  That your first tip:  Don't waste  time reading other sites  to figure out who pays best.  Instead  look at  the work  done by InfoBarrels top earner  who diligently investigated this question.   If you read  blogs from our top earner you will find charts listing the pro's and con's of each paying site. The point becomes clear that InfoBarrel is the best site to blog for. 

       If you are new to the web your in for a surprise.  No-one told me that I would end up learning a new language or  a new way to write.  Search Engine  Optimization and Keyword  were  terms I'd never heard of,  but now I hear  constantly.  Searched these words  only confused me more.  Thinking I understood the meaning I would sit down to write and go blank.  I  realized I was wasting time doing countless searches,  I had to find a better way.   The concept of keywords started to make sense, but S.E.O. didn't.  Typing in S.E.O.  states, computers have specific guidelines when searching topics, but I still didn't  understand what the guidelines were.  

        The forum is a good place to get help,  writers are  supportive of each other.   You can ask a question in the Forum and within an hour you will receive a number of replies.  As far as my confusion around S.E.O. Forum Members directed me to write.  Amazingly I discovered by writing and starting to use key words, Search Engine Optimization began to make sense.  Then I did one more  thing  to  ensure I had the right idea, I checked our top earners list of blogs.   The  first one I read put me at ease. What a revelation, I had driven myself crazy trying to figure out the meaning of this and all I needed to do was read one or two blogs and write.

     The most important  tip:  Write quality.  I understand  it takes more than key words to recieve high-ranking by the Search Engines.  Anyone could spice up lousy writing with key words, but that doesn't cut it.  You need to know your subject because the Search Engines are able to distinguish language  fitting  and  relevant to the content.  In other words if you can talk the talk, the engines will let you walk' up the rankings! 

     I'm grateful to the top earners who've mapped out proven reliable strategies for those of us new to blogging.  Thankfully I've realized quickly to read blogs written by our top earners.  It's cut out  major setbacks and clarified my goals  I understand that the circumstances needed to earn money are met through quality not quantity.   As a Professional Dog Trainer with several different certifications,  I blog about dogs.   I must be on the right track, I typed in  a couple of the keywords I used for one of my first blogs.  It's on the first page very close to the top.   If I understand this correctly'that blog was quality writing  and stood out in the S.E.O.  I would also like to thank InfoBarrel for encouraging us to write quality and allowing us to earn money.

     Any and all comments would be greatly appreciated.